Now You Can "Will" Your Passwords

Published Monday, October 3, 2011 2:32 PM

I've been scouring the internet today to find some sort of helpful, insightful website to pass on to my readers and I found an interesting little blip on a service called "PassMyWill." actually allows you to "will" your passwords to your relatives in the event of your death! 

It might just be me, but isn't this a bad idea? The service is free and apparently you can save the email addresses of people you would trust to take care of your affairs for you if you die. Well, of course my first question is: How do they know you've died??? The same way anyone who knows you personally does? No! They check for regular Twitter & Facebook updates or emails. If you are not active for quite a while (not sure how long) they will email you to verify you are dead. If you don't respond, your passwords are sent to whomever you have on file with them. Let's hope that they don't do it too soon!

This just sounds so scary to me! I realize that this is for those who are really connected to the "world wide web" and must be dead if they are not using Twitter, Facebook or email, but this is just so risky. If you want to be sure that loved ones have access to your passwords (banking; credit cards; email; whatever) in the event of your death, I'm sure there are more reasonable ways to set that up. Keep them with your will or something. Do you really trust that if you give all of this sensitive information to whomever is running this website, that only your relatives will have access to your accounts? If I asked you to create an account with my blog to have me store your passwords for you until you die, would you do it? (This is only rhetorical, please don't try). 

They probably have gotten some sign ups, so I guess some think it's a great idea. They say that you have to give a special encryption code to those who might get the email when you die. If you don't provide the key code to them or they can't guess it, they still can't get to your passwords.

Wow, I think that this is just insane. Just in case you were wondering, I won't be using it myself.

by parker
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