Warning - Dangerous Bacteria Outbreak In Some Cantaloupe & Romaine Lettuce

Published Friday, September 30, 2011 10:20 AM

Do you enjoy eating cantaloupe? Recent news has shown that there have been 13 deaths related to an outbreak of bacteria (called Listeria) that is contaminating some cantaloupes. It is being reported that 72 people have been infected in 18 states. It is also being reported that the incubation period could be as long as two months, so more cases are expected to surface. This does not involve cantaloupe that has been sliced, but whole cantaloupe. These cantaloupes are from the same grower in Colorado and does not affect ALL cantaloupe. 

Go to this ABCNews story for several videos and an article with more details and what you should do if you have recently purchased cantaloupe and are unsure of where it was grown. This site will include dates the contaminated cantaloupe was shipped to stores.

It is now being reported that there is also an outbreak related to some of the romaine lettuce that has already been shipped from a farm in California for consumption. You can read the details on ABC's website here. This outbreak SEEMS to be more contained to the California and surrounding areas.

What can you do? You can type "listeria outbreak" or "listeria symptoms" into Google to find reputable news sites that are reporting the latest on these outbreaks. Basically, just use caution and be aware that this warning is out there. Do what you can to spread the word to family and friends who might not have heard about it in the local news. This way you can help to prevent more cases of related illness until all of the food in question has been pulled of of the shelves.

by parker
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