Want To Look Up Who Called? Check That Annoying Caller Here

Published Thursday, September 29, 2011 3:45 PM

How many times has a phone number you don't recognize called your number, only to hang up once you answer the phone? Don't you wish you knew who it was or what they wanted? Isn't it irritating to have them keep calling over and over?

I recently came across a few websites that let users enter those pesky phone numbers and whether or not they know who it is that is calling. 

The most helpful of the sites is 800Notes.com and although it seems the website was set up for identifying who owns a specific 800 number (or at least, who is calling from it) you can also look up other phone numbers. I have found that most of the phone numbers that have called our place of business that are either not recognized or hang up when answered, are listed on this website. It really helps to ease the anxiety of trying to find out who is calling, without having to take an inconvenient call or call them back. Probably, 98% of these callers do not leave a message, which must mean it is not that important.

Use this website to save you some time.

by parker
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