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Published Tuesday, September 27, 2011 1:02 PM

We have a hectic schedule. My husband works from home and my children homeschool, while I work away from the home during most of the day. We needed some sort of way to communicate online so that we are all on the same page and I have found to be a lifesaver!

We can use it so save our grocery list. No more writing it down on scrap pieces of paper or trying to remember if we told another family member that we ran out of … We now can all log in using our computer / cell phone and just add what we need to the list! Even my 12-year old can use it which I love, since she is the most up to speed with what we need in the house. How do I see the list when I stop at the grocery store? Just pull up their mobile Blackberry app! Other mobile phone apps are available as well. I believe they also cover Android and iPhone. Visit their website for details. I can also have my husband or my daughter log into the website and either text or email me the list with the click of a button.

There is a handy family calendar that everyone can access for upcoming family appointments. We can schedule upcoming appointments for the children and ourselves and the whole family will be able to see when we are tied up, so no more committing to more than one event at the same time. This is also great for upcoming events that we intend to attend, but then let slip our minds once it arrives. The calendar will email a reminder to everyone's email address or send a text to those family members who have cell phones.

There are also endless varieties of lists that you can create with the same capability as the grocery list. Have them emailed, texted, printed or pull them up on your mobile app. List items can be checked off as they are completed so that everyone is aware when something has been taken care of. This can be used for chores to be done around the inside of the house, outside of the house, grocery shopping, errands to be run, phone calls to be made, school assignments to be finished. The possibilities are endless. Read more about what you can do with Cozi on their blo

For my young children, who do have access to the internet on our home computer, but don't have a cell phone, there is a feature where they can send a message to my cell phone anytime or "text" me. I like that feature since they can always call from the home phone, but sometimes I miss the call.

So how much does this handy system cost? NOTHING. They do have an option to "upgrade" if you want to remove ads, etc. Our account has only shown one ad to date, nothing aggravating though.

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