Might Save You From Overdraft Fees!

Published Friday, September 23, 2011 12:17 PM

If you are like many moms on the go and are responsible for helping to manage the family finances at the same time, than you find it almost impossible to keep up with necessary (but dreaded) checkbook entries. Then, when you get that sinking feeling that maybe the account balance isn't what you had hoped, you go to log in to your online banking system, only to find that you have much less than you expected and are about to be overdrawn.

My question was whether there might be a handy phone app to help with that and I found at least one. is a free online service that you and your spouse can share to enter transactions into your checkbook register. No more writing it down when you get the chance. No more worrying about giving the checkbook "custodian" your receipts. There are even handy apps that you can download to your phone (assuming you have either Droid or iPhone) so that you can enter your transactions as you make them and always see your current balance! No more overdraft fees or concerns about not knowing what you've spent with that handy, yet dangerous little debit card and no more phone calls, texts or quick sit-downs about what the current balance is.

Now my only question is whether or not I can find the equivalent for a Blackberry or if I'll be trading my BB in for a different phone when it sees it's last day. Looks like I'm finally jumping on the "app" bandwagon and time will tell if my BlackBerry can keep up with me!

by parker
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