Protect Your Children By "Furniture" Proofing Your Home

Published Friday, January 21, 2011 11:52 AM

Becoming a new parent can be a very exciting time, yet can also be a very anxious time. Many parents don't think about the things around their home that can potentially be dangerous for their children, once they are on the move. Young children who can crawl and walk should be protected from electrical outlets, unstable cribs or high chairs, cords to blinds that hang low, small objects that might be lying around a child can choke on and so much more. Many parents and family members tend to forget about the dangers that are located in their home, even that of tall furniture. It's important to keep in mind how inquisitive these young ones are and where their little minds take them.

Recently, a 4-year old boy in north Florida died in a tragic accident. While visiting with his grandparents and playing with his young cousin, he climbed a tall dresser full of clothes and it fell on top of him causing a fatal head injury. 

Not only will parents need to monitor the dangers of what lies in their own homes, but also when leaving their small children with family members or friends. Children are constantly exploring, running, climbing, jumping, dancing, etc and it would prove helpful if parents took a little time to go online and research what other parents have already experienced. 

One child safety website I found today states the following:

-Do not place toys or other items that children are attracted to on top of tall furniture. They will find a way to climb up and get to it

-Keep furniture away from windows and secure it to a wall with anchor straps

-Place safety gates at the top and bottom of staircases and be sure to hold the hands of toddlers who need to get up or down the steps

-Put safety guards on windows. Screens are not safety guards!

Find many more age appropriate safety tips and share your story to help educate others at:

by parker
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