Garage Door Warning For Parents

Published Tuesday, May 11, 2010 2:00 PM
A four year old boy in Colorado was saved by his mother from being crushed by their garage door. The mother pressed the garage door opener, wanting to let her children take their bikes out to ride.

As the door was going up, a small piece of metal on the door caught the young boy by his shirt and took him up as it continued to rise. The boy screamed and was at risk of being crushed against the top of the garage. Concerned that he might fall and break / fracture his bones or skull, his mom was able to pull him out of his shirt just in time.

What makes this story so unique and amazing is that this little boy just had a cast removed from his leg the same morning. He broke his leg due to it being weakened from chemotherapy.

Many garage doors have a built in feature that will stop your garage door from going down all the way when there is something blocking its path (a child, dog, cat, etc) but not when the door is going up. The Colorado resident highly recommends that parents be careful and watch their children very closely when the garage door is in use.

by parker
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