Dealing with Pollen

Published Monday, April 12, 2010 9:38 AM

Pollen is in the air and it is thicker than ever this year! Living in north Florida has many advantages. One is that our winter season has ended and, although it was a cold one, we are now happy to see beautiful flowers in bloom and more people are getting outdoors to enjoy the great Florida sunshine!

The downside is that because we had such a cold winter, the pollen didn’t begin to release during the late part of winter like it normally does. So at the first sign of spring, the warmth literally caused the pollen count to explode! Allergies are flaring up that never existed before. People have itchy eyes and throats, headaches and are literally choking on the high pollen count. Cars are consistently blanketed with the fine yellow “dust” and be careful not to brush up against anything outside because it will easily come off onto your clothes. I can’t remember seeing pollen blanket our area like this before: cars, grills, driveways, mailboxes, everything!

A local meteorologist says that we can expect to start seeing relief around mid-May, which isn’t the greatest news because we would like to see it before then, that is about a month from now. For those with severe allergic reactions, hang in there, we’re in for a long, miserable season.

by parker
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