Reminiscing About Backing Up My Data

Published Wednesday, February 24, 2010 3:32 PM
Backing up my data files used to be so simple. When I first learned how to back my data files up, I used a 5 1/4” floppy disk (remember those!?!). Then, I “upgraded” to the cool 3.5” disks that seemed to hold so much information they would never get full. Well, I worked for a local university at the time and the professors that I worked for gave me enough information to fill those 3.5” ten times over. So then, I started filling a box the equivalent of a small shoe box with disks.

While away from the use of computers for a while, I fell out of the “know”, only to return to using my computer and the new age of data which included using a CD! Now I just knew I would never fill up a full CD with over 700MB of space – and yet I was completely wrong! I filled more than one and since I didn’t use the RW (read, write) CD’s, it felt like such a waste! Every new backup meant creating a new CD, then I had to use more than one and looked for the nearest technologically, up-to-date person I could find to see how I could let my data grow, and my storage back up method with it.

Then, I was introduced to those cool little “thumb drives” or usb drives. I loved those things because they seemed to grow with my data. I went from 256k, to 512k to 1MB to 2MB (I stopped there) and now I have seen 8 and 16MB. Wow!

For the first time since I started using computers, I am going through information overload and need some help. Backing up data can be done remotely or locally or both. Remote services will even back up your data for you at intervals that you can set. Hence my dillemma, which do I choose? Are services like Mozy, GoDaddy file storage, etc worth using? Is an external hard drive any better to use than a 2-16MB usb drive? Now that we have services like Google Docs, how much information from our local drive do we need to back up? Oh, what to do -- any suggestions?

by parker
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