Twitter Has A New Retweet Feature

Published Wednesday, November 11, 2009 1:28 PM

 I have been learning more about using Twitter lately and for those of you who don't use it at all, this post will make absolutely no sense. Twitter has been adding new features that make it much esier to use on the web. Rather than having to download an app to your computer or phone (which I have done, but don't find useful) they have some user friendly features on the website.

One of the latest features that I have found helpful is the fact that you can now make lists. In the past, all of your followers were lumped into one large group and you had to do a search on twitter to find them. Now, you can group them by lists (categories) so that you can read new tweets from those whom you follow that fall into different categories. It can be anything from news and celebrity tweets, to tweets on music and science and of course, tweets from your friends. I like using Twitter as my new search engine because the information is up to the minute and interactive. You can find anything discussed over the past two weeks on these searches.

Another feature that is now in the beta stage is the "retweet". My account has been chosen to use this new feature and I can't wait to find some good info to retweet. In the past, you had to enter RT in front of something you want to quote and then either copy and paste the tweet or re-type it (at least, that is what I was told. I'm no expert here). Now, you can just click "retweet" under that person and it will show that you are the referring tweeter! I think I'm gonna love this!

I was not too excited about the thought of starting in the new world of social networking because I thought it would be too much of an invasion of privacy. It is actually quite fun and I have learned a lot by using it. I am not big on social bookmarking yet, but that might be the next project I take on.

by parker
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