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Published Tuesday, August 11, 2009 4:35 PM
I first heard of “web logs” or “blogs” for short, a few years back and I wondered who in the world would want to go online and write about everyday life or their job, on a regular basis. It sounded like so much more work than the traditional website, which is to the point – a place to offer your product or service to the public with a home page and maybe a few additional pages – about us, contact us, how it works, etc. Then, I decided to look into writing my own blog. My friends and family are still new to the concept, so I decided to show them a place where they can blog for free.

Now, here I am, doing the very thing I thought was so strange years ago – writing a blog. Why? Well, it is neat to be able to share thoughts and ideas with others who like the same topics you do. It is even more fun to read the blogs of those who write about subjects you like. You can do anything from sharing family pictures and updates with your friends and family, to updating your customers on your latest sales and products or services. You can also write about anything and nothing, which is my specialty. Actually, I find that I am most interested in writing about children and the latest news. Blogs have proved to be very helpful in finding websites that interest me (recipes, things for kids to do, online sales promotions, etc.) offers a free community for bloggers. For those who are already members of this community, this post will seem strange. But if you are new to blogging, you can view the tutorial on how to get started. There are also free forums and it is a community that is growing nicely. Write about your favorite subject – from identity theft news to new and useful websites and gadgets to music, -- there is something for everyone. No need to have your own website for this community, just join and blog!

by parker
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