Recent Celebrity Deaths

Published Monday, June 29, 2009 3:23 PM

Recent celebrity deaths in the news has been a bit overwhelming the past few days. Since last Thursday, almost 100% of the news that I came across was in relation to either the death of Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, or TV pitchman Billy Mays. While Farah was fatally ill, both the deaths of Michael Jackson and Billy Mays were unexpected, which made the news that much more to report. Many “theories” now abound in the news and of course, autopsy’s will bring the investigations into their deaths to a close and then the world will have more answers. While Michael’s fame has been in the forefront when it comes to recent celebrity deaths, and has overshadowed the stories of Farah and Billy, these past few days will certainly be remembered for a long time to come.

Majority of us did not know any of these people personally, so why are these recent celebrity deaths so disturbing? That is the power of the media. The more we see it in the news, the more we read it on websites, the more we hear it on the radio and the more we see it on the front covers of daily/weekly publications, the sadder we feel. It is catching the attention of many and it is definitely the subject of thousands of conversations.

It seemed that I remembered many celebrities/personalities dying recently and when looking into celebrities who died in 2009, there was a list of over 100 people. Although this list is not by any means all inclusive, here are some others that were sadly lost in 2009, just a few mentions from a long list of actors, singers, politicians, athletes, sports and newscasters and some family members of those who fall into these categories. You won’t find them all on this list, but here are some that were familiar to me.

-Ricardo Montalban (88): January 14th
Actor: “Fantasy Island”, “Star Trek” villain (Wrath of Khan)

-Ron Silver (62): March 15th
Actor: Tony Award winner

-Natasha Richardson (45): March 18th
Actress: “The Parent Trap”; Broadway
Wife of actor: Liam Neeson

-Dan Seals (61): March 25th
Singer: Seals & Crofts

-Bea Arthur (86): April 25th
Actress: “Maude”; “Golden Girls”

-Dom DeLuise (75): May 4th
Actor: “Blazing Saddles”; “Space Balls” “Smokey & The Bandit 2”

-Mark Landon (60): May 11th
Son of actor Michael Landon

-Wayman Tisdale (44): May 15th
Former NBA star; Jazz bass guitarist

-Carol Cole (65): May 18th
Daughter of Nat King Cole
Sister of Natalie Cole

-Exodus Tyson (4): May 25th
Daughter of Mike Tyson

-David Carradine (72): June 3rd
Actor: “Kung Fu” (1970s)

-Johnny Palermo (27): June 8th
Actor: “Just For Kicks” (Nickelodeon); “Everybody Hates Chris”

-Ed McMahon (86): June 23rd
TV personality: “The Tonight Show”

-Farah Fawcett (62): June 25th
Actress: Charlie’s Angels (1970s); several TV movies

-Michael Jackson (50): June 25th
“King of Pop”

-Billy Mays (50): June 28th
TV “pitchman” for OxiClean and other products

-Fred Travalena (66): June 28th
Las Vegas / impressionist

by parker
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