High School Grad Can’t Have Diploma Because He Loves His Mom?

Published Wednesday, June 17, 2009 10:18 AM
This story is very hot on the internet right now. A high school graduation ceremony on Friday, June 12th  started just like any other. Students names are called and they go on stage to accept their diploma, the end of one journey and the beginning of another. In this case, one of the graduates went on stage after having his name called and he took a bow and blew a kiss to his mother. After the gesture, an administrator spoke to the young man and told him to return to his seat, without his diploma! Apparently, the students signed a code of conduct prior to graduation that did not allow for such behavior. Of course, whether or not this act is included in the code of conduct or should be labeled “misbehavior” remains to be seen. Prior to this act, other students were seen throwing beach balls around. One student was forced to sit with staff and another was escorted out of the building. No arrests were made but no foolishness was being tolerated either.

The mother of this student, Justin Denney, stated: "There was no misbehavior. Showboating is not misbehavior," Mary Denney said. "A bow, a kiss to your mom is not misbehavior. There was no need of my son not getting his diploma."

"I said, 'What did she ask you?' And, he goes, 'She said, 'There's no fooling around up here,' and he just kind of looked at her because he wasn't fooling around," Mary Denney said. "He didn't consider that fooling around or misbehaving in any sense of the word, and she goes, 'Why do you feel you deserve your diploma?' He goes, 'Because I worked hard and I earned it,' and she goes, 'No, go take your seat.'"

You can search the story on the internet to see how it all turns out. As of now, Justin’s mom plans to hold his graduation party in two weeks and wants a picture of her son, and his diploma, by then.

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