Today Is The Switch To Digital TV

Published Friday, June 12, 2009 1:51 PM

Are you having trouble with reception on your analog tv today? I can’t believe how many people I have come across over the past few months who are worried that their TV is not ready for the switch to digital. This change only affects those who do not subscribe to cable or satellite service. If your signal is via antenna only, today’s change to digital service will affect your service if you have not yet gotten the proper converter box to receive service.

The website gives details on how to install the converter box and offers a coupon to defray the cost. It also gives a list of retailers that the FCC has partnered with to offer the boxes and the coupon.

One question the website addresses is whether or not analog tv’s will work. Here is an answer from
“Can I Still Use My Old Analog TV Set? How?
Your analog TV set will not be obsolete once the transition to DTV is completed, but there are some steps you must take to be able to continue to use it. To ensure continued use of your analog set, you must do one of the following:
·    Use a digital-to-analog converter box.
·    Connect to a subscription service such as cable or satellite TV.
In addition, analog sets should continue to work with gaming consoles, VCRs, DVD players, and similar products that you use now.
This converter box, much like your cable box, will allow you to receive a picture, but it won't be able to show high-definition pictures or give you access to other digital services.
Analog TV sets will need additional equipment to receive over-the-air television when the DTV Transition is completed. All broadcast TV stations in the country have temporary use of a second, separate channel so that they can transition from analog broadcasting to digital.
Congress has set June 12, 2009 as the final deadline for terminating analog broadcasts. Under the law, on February 17, some full-power broadcast television stations in the United States have already stopped broadcasting on analog airwaves and have begun broadcasting only in digital. The remaining stations will stop broadcasting analog sometime between April 16 and June 12. Analog sets equipped with a converter box will display the digital broadcasts, but not in full digital quality. “

Some may have brief interruptions in service due to severe weather or due to moving vehicles that affect the reception. It is recommended that if you have an indoor antenna, you switch to an outdoor antenna for better reception. They also note that “in severe cases it may not be possible to completely eliminate the effect of nearby traffic. If reception remains unsatisfactory due to these disruptions, viewers may wish to consider alternatives such as cable or satellite service.”

by parker
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