Swine Flu Symptoms

Published Wednesday, April 29, 2009 3:12 PM

With “swine flu” having been confirmed to be quickly spreading throughout the US, many people are in a panic to check online for the symptoms of this potential epidemic. More important than where this disease might be showing up is whether or not it could be affecting you or a loved one. At this time, reports of a few schools in New York and Chicago are closing due to the affect that one infected child could cause. It has been reported in over 10 states at this time. It has been reported that a 23-month old child died in the US today from swine flu, however, the child and his family were from Mexico.

Please keep in mind that washing hands regularly and covering your mouth when coughing are ways to help spread of the disease. Schools are only closing because children obviously do not follow these guidelines very closely and they can easily spread it to others.

It is very important not to panic over this, but rather stay informed and be cautious that you don't touch your eyes, nose, or mouth after leaving a public place like the grocery store, doctor's office, fitness club, school/day care, etc. Hopefully this will be well contained.

After doing my own research online, I have found that the following are signs that the CDC is reporting, but keep in mind that these do not mean that it is “swine flu” as it can be so many things, including the common cold or flu. Even prior to this outbreak, the CDC says that over 36,000 deaths per year occur due to flu related illnesses in the US alone. Just be aware of these signs if they continue to worsen and seek medical care immediately.

The CDC reports some symptoms to be:

Lack of appetite
Runny nose
Sore throat


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