Spanking Children

Published Thursday, April 2, 2009 10:54 AM

Is “spanking children” a part of the job description for a school official? Yes, those of you who read my blog know that I homeschool now, and although this is not the reason why, it does help me feel it was the right decision. A local vice principal “paddled” an 11 year old boy last month for bad behavior (I assume, although the update on this story does not explain why he was paddled. I think that just makes this worse). Anyway, authorities have decided not to charge the VP for child abuse. Mind you, those parents who do spank their children for misbehavior are concerned that some government or state authorized agency official might come by and “take” their children from them for the disciplinary act, but apparently, school officials don’t have to worry about answering to authorities for spanking children who are not theirs (biologically speaking).

Now, playing for the other side, here is the policy that was quoted for the non-action taken:

1.) "A teacher or administrator shall administer corporal punishment only in the presence of another adult who is informed beforehand, and in the student's presence, of the reason for the punishment. Corporal punishment shall not be administered by a person while he is angry nor shall such punishment be administered with malice."

2.) "In no case shall such punishment be unduly severe or degrading in nature and shall be administered to the buttocks."
Wow! I had no idea that school officials could do this. While I do agree that children who badly misbehave should be disciplined by school officials, I thought that punishment involved suspension, detention or some other act that does not involve physical contact.

Another question I have is: does this policy apply to parents too?  And have any families really lost their children due to disciplining them or is that just a myth? I don’t know of anyone who’s child was removed from the home for being spanked, but if they have been, and it was NOT due to child abuse, then how fair is that?

by parker
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