Published Monday, March 30, 2009 2:02 PM
I believe that when I compare child birth (I’ve been through it twice) and migraine headaches, I prefer to give birth. Isn’t that a crazy thing to say? And yet, I meet many migraine sufferers who say the same thing. The pain associated with a migraine headache, combined with the sickness your body goes through, is absolutely awful. Nausea, fever, vomiting, and severe sharp pain that just won’t go away. I can deal with it on day 1 and sometimes day 2, but by day 3…look out ‘cause I’m going to lose it! Thankfully, I fought off one that tried to start this morning.

Migraines are very hard to get rid of, but there might be ways to prevent them from starting as often. One helpful medicine I have found is actually Excedrin Migraine and it is sold over the counter. Excedrin Migraine has worked better than any other medicine that my doctors have prescribed over the years, however, you have to take it once you feel the migraine coming on. Once you have the full blown paid and nausea, it won’t do a thing. I have found that mine often start as extreme exhaustion. I often wonder why I am so tired and then realize it is the start of a migraine. Excedrin does contain a lot of caffeine and since I don’t drink caffeine in my every day life,  that might be why it works so well for me. I don’t know if it would work the same for a caffeinated coffee or soda drinker.

I have found that many more women than men suffer from migraine, so it might be some sort of hormonal imbalance. All I know is, they hurt so bad you could go mad! For my fellow migraine sufferers, hang in there and please share your suggestions for prevention. I have heard that taking feverfew helps reduce the occurrence and intensity, so I might consider that as well.

by parker
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