Preschooler Brings Marijuana to School

Published Thursday, March 12, 2009 1:47 PM

This is awful! How in the world does something like this even happen? This was a 4 year old little boy whose brother uses marijuana. The boy knew what it was because he showed it to a classmate and told them it belonged to his brother. The 4 year old even called it “weed.”

The little boy was asked about where he obtained it from and he explained that it was his older brother’s. His mom explained that she has never found marijuana in the house and it was not in the bookbag when she packed it for him. The teacher went through the bag and found two more bags filled with the drug. The preschool has decided to ban bringing backpacks and bookbags to school, after this incident.

Now, I am the mother of a 5 year old and probably one of the sneakiest 5 year olds around, so I know that children will hide things on their way out the door. Of course, this type of substance should not have been within reach of the child and the child should not have known what it was.

For those of you who follow my blog, I did recently start homeschooling and stories like this one give us more and more assurance of making the right decisions. Of course, with the right training, children won’t get involved in taking drugs at such a young age. They just have to understand the dangers of it and be prepared to make a stand for when they are approached, not if they are approached. They need to see how bad off they can end up if they were to start taking such things and obviously the time to start teaching them is before they go to pre-school!

Do role playing at home and come up with different scenarios on how a child might approach your children to offer them something they should avoid. Just telling them to “stay away from drugs” won’t cut it these days. Children will disguise it to make it look like something desirable using phrases like: “it’s not a drug, but it will make you feel good. There is nothing wrong with feeling good, is there?” or “It’s not a drug, it’s just like candy. You’ll love it and your mom and dad won’t mind.” Don’t leave this up to the schools, do some home education on this one. Our school system has enough of its own problems.

by parker
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