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Published Wednesday, March 11, 2009 9:42 AM

In July of last year, I did a short blog post about school vs. home school and how the academic benefits of home school are great, however, the social interaction is quite a concern. Our children, in kindergarten and 4th grade, have been coming home with quite “offensive” homework and classwork in that they were not being challenged. Both children were showing extreme signs of boredom and we were teaching them at home ahead of their grade level. This caused them boredom in class and the feeling of “being held back”, so we made the decision to home school. This was just two weeks ago and we have already seen a great improvement in their attitudes toward learning and they are excited about new things again! It is so unfortunate to see our schools going through such an academic struggle, however, when your children do not have to be exposed to that setting, it is a good feeling to take them out and teach them at their own level. It will help them to move forward and be excited about getting an education.

As far as the social skills, find groups of home schoolers to meet up with (or in our case, many friends who homeschool) and they can play to their hearts content. As they get older, they have study partners, movie going partners, hang out at each other’s homes, etc. just as they do when they are social in school. There is no need to make them feel they are no longer a part of a social environment. Groups can get together to help each other understand certain academic concepts and it will help all to put more effort into getting a better education.

Our area was hard hit by recent budget cuts in education, and that also helped us to make our critical decisions. With the gifted program for young students who work hard to excel being cut, who knows how these children will feel? What does this say that hard work will get them?

This is not an option for everyone. We have a family with one parent at home and one at work, so this will work better for us. When and if circumstances change, we will have to face that when we come to it. For now, we have made a family decision that works well for all.

by parker
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