Send Your Graduation Invitations Early

Published Monday, February 23, 2009 4:24 PM

A woman in Oregon was invited to attend her nephew’s graduation from high school. What an exciting event…to see a new baby born, watch them grow, go to Kindergarten, go to middle school and before you know it, they are graduating high school.

The only problem with the invitation is that it arrived 22 years late! She found the invitation in her mailbox last week and it was mailed and postmarked June 2, 1987! The “roaming” invitation was mailed from Toms River, NJ to La Grande, OR and somewhere along the way, got lost for 22 years or so.

The fact that the aunt did not attend the graduation was “noticed but dismissed”, since she lived so far away. A spokesman for the US Postal Service noted that the envelope might have been stuck in a machine or misrouted and delivered to the wrong address. The mail did arrive opened, so the misdelivery is highly likely.

So the next time someone tells you “it’s in the mail”, it very well may be, just give it a few years to arrive.

I can’t imagine receiving a letter, invitation or any other sort of mail more than 20 years later, but it sure does encourage me to find alternate ways of paying my bills. At least that wasn’t a 22 year old check! I don’t think the woman’s age was mentioned, but I think it’s nice that the aunt was still around to receive the invitation herself. I wonder if her nephew also mailed one to her to attend his college graduation? Or maybe his wedding? Shoot, by now, he might have sent one for his child’s pre-school graduation.

by parker
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