Octuplets Born To A Mother of Six!

Published Wednesday, February 11, 2009 4:06 PM

I have been hearing in the news, off and on, about a single mom who has given birth to octuplets. Yes, she had 8 babies at once! Well, it wasn’t until today that I have heard more about the real story and I am just amazed.

I have two daughters who are spaced apart by a little bit over 4 years and I am constantly calling my best friends for support when I feel I can’t handle the pressure of being a wife, a mom, a full time employee, etc, etc and here she has 8 children at once. I haven’t even gotten to the best part of this story yet. She already has 6 children at home and she lives with her mom and dad. Her mom was interviewed and let’s just say she is not real happy with the situation. Personally, I think that this is crazy. 14 children to support is out of this world. I think about things like:

-How do you find a vehicle large enough for everyone to travel in? In fact, how can she bring the 8 babies home? Will they have to make a few trips to and from the hospital?

-The house is a 3 bedroom. Now let’s see: with the grandparents in a bedroom, that leaves 2 bedrooms for the other 15 people in the house. How many beds does it take to sleep 14 children and their mom? We’ll see.

-How in the world can you take care of the grocery “bill” for 14 children?!? My monthly groceries might as well be a mortgage payment and we are a family of 4. Will they eat at the dinner table in shifts?

-I have watched shows like “John and Kate Plus 8” to help me see that raising children is easy for me. I can twice recall having a really bad day and then watching their show and realizing that it wasn’t so bad after all. They had twins and then 6 children (yes, I forgot the multiple word for this one). What a crazy life!

-Will diapers be donated by those who want to make money from her story, or is she going to have to finance them?

Obviously, I could go on and on. I can’t tell from looking at her whether this mom wanted to be in this situation, but she is, so I wish her and her family, the best.

by parker
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