She Needs Glasses

Published Wednesday, February 4, 2009 12:53 PM

My oldest daughter has always been very good at reading and she just loves school. She loves to learn new things and most importantly, she loves a challenge. We recently found her squinting a lot when she reads and we have been asking if her eyes hurt or if she has a headache. Since she doesn’t know what the end result will be if she says “yes”, she usually answers “no.”

After discussing this with her teacher, we found that she is doing the same thing in her classes at school, hence, we set up the dreaded appointment to have her eyes examined. She was so nervous that day. We just couldn’t get her to relax. We wanted her to understand that it is normal and that many people have had to have their eyes checked in order to see if they need to wear glasses in order to relieve the strain on their eyes. Many of our family members wear glasses, so it is pretty normal. This didn’t seem to relax her any, though.

She finally meets the doctor and takes some simple and painless tests that determine she is far-sighted. We also found out during this appointment that she does get headaches at the end of the school day, when she is trying to do the most reading. She did very well on her eye exam, but didn’t like having “puffs” of air blown into her eyes (who does).

Anyway, we pick up the new glasses this weekend and life will be back to normal. Of course, now that we have “invested” in some prescription glasses for her and since she is not the best at keeping up with her belongings, we sure hope that they won’t get lost. Lost at school, lost at home, lost at a relatives house, just lost.

If anyone out there is willing to start insurance that covers children losing or breaking their eyeglasses and needing a replacement pair, I’m willing to sign up!

by parker
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