A Man Visits His Brother In Jail - Permanently

Published Wednesday, January 28, 2009 10:49 AM

Have you ever wanted to go to jail, just to be near a family member? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? And yet, apparently this was the case when a young man broke into a gas station in Michigan and then called 911 while inside to report himself! TheTimesHearld.com reports that his reason for calling 911 while breaking & entering was to be with his brother who was already in jail. He got his wish and was arrested earlier this week. Who knows whether he will be sent to the same facility, but what a story.

Sounds like a show that is ending this season on Fox. Do you think that maybe the guy wanted to see if he could get his brother out after he was arrested? Maybe it has something to do with his brother being set up for a crime that he didn’t commit and then he finds out the truth, but the truth won’t set his brother free, so he purposely goes to jail so that he can recruit a few other guys and then plan to escape through a hole he digs behind a cell toilet. So he breaks, not just his brother, but several other guys out of prison and then they are on the run trying to see how to prove that his brother is innocent. And then a few of the guys actually feel loyal enough to stay with these brothers and help prove that they are good people and they just want to be left alone. Finally, the FBI comes along (or is it the FBI) and says that if they do an inside job, their record will be wiped clean and all is well, but all is not well because their contact with the FBI went rogue and screwed up any chance they had of clearing their record. Then these brothers find out that their mom, who they thought was dead, is really alive and all will be worked out by April 2009.

I don’t know, just  a thought.

by parker
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