A New Jacket

Published Tuesday, November 25, 2008 4:37 PM

Parents, have your children ever come home from school with clothes that they don’t own? My oldest child has come home many times without her jacket, but never with someone else’s! Well, my youngest has yet surprised us again. She went to school with what we call a nice, warm coat. She calls it a coat that makes her look “fat.” FAT! At 5 years old, less than 40 pounds, she is hardly fat. These shows for children on TV need to be edited before they are aired. Small children should not be worried about their weight when they are underweight!!!

Anyway, she wore the “this makes me look fat” coat to school, and came home with a nice, slim purple jacket; one that had another little girls’ name on it. I questioned her, she didn’t know where her coat was and since it was a high of only 50 degrees that day (we live in Florida, so that is cold) she said her teacher went and found a jacket for her to wear home. Her father did not realize that he had picked her up from school wearing another little girls’ coat and her older sister “forgot” that she wore a black coat to school. After several questions, I find out that her coat mysteriously ended up stuffed in her backpack and that her teacher was unaware she even had the coat. Needless to say, my daughter did not want to wear her own coat, but what lengths a child will go through to get a new jacket! The jacket is now back at school in the lost and found and I hope it’s owner finds it soon. Some mother is at home fussing at her daughter for losing that jacket and I feel sorry for her little girl. I hope they check lost and found regularly.

by parker
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