After the Armadillo

Published Tuesday, September 2, 2008 9:28 AM

(You have to read my previous blog to understand this):

Night four came and all was quiet until we heard banging out on the road. Yes, it’s time for the night crew to catch up on some lost time and work on expanding the highway a couple of lanes. This just started, so who knows how long they will be out there. It could be months. It could be over a year. The noise is like rolling thunder, only every night. We think it’s time we start playing soft music at night so we can sleep in peace.  No matter where we have lived, it is always something.

Our first home, was next door to a home that attracted non-stop parties that start at 11pm. For those of you who enjoy partying at night, sorry but we old, working folks need sleep. We get very cranky without our sleep! It also leaked every time it rained and those who came to “fix” it, were not very good at their job.

Then, there was our second home. This was more of a family oriented neighborhood, however, we were fortunate enough to have some teenagers directly next door. There were two girls whose boyfriends came to pick them up or drop them off around 2-3 am. This would be ok if it was your average drive up, get in (or out) the car and go event. No, they had to yell at each other, slam doors and “breakup” with each other at least twice a month. No peace there.

So, we move into the current armadillo/highway construction home. We are looking to build in a quiet area with enough property so that our neighbors will not be close by on either side and, of course, it will not be anywhere near the highway.

And what happened to the armadillo? Well, after Tropical Storm Fay came through with all of her rain, it made for double the size puddle we had before I laid out the cardboard. So now we need to come up with a more permanent fix to our problem (more than likely, some sod).

by parker
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