We Need More Positive Media

Published Monday, July 28, 2008 1:35 PM

I enjoy reading the news online. Being able to keep up with current events by reading a brief summary of what is going on as opposed to picking up the newspaper and having to read a page bigger than me (or at least, than a convenient magazine), definitely has it's advantages. I can learn what is going on from my local news site as well as the big guys, like CNN or MSNBC.

The downside to this, for me anyway, has been the fascination that the media has with celebrities. They are literally fighting to get the "first photos" of babies of different celebraties: A. Jolie or H.Berry to name just a few. I am a mom, and I am sure that these people do not want to be in the spotlight when it comes to their newborn children. Shoot, if they wanted that, they would not have to do much. They could just walk out their front door and hold the baby out, ready to be photographed!

Why can't the media focus on the more important stories? Why can't they be more concerned with our poor and helpless citizens who need help during these difficult times to feed their children. Maybe if celebrities saw more people or families in need in the news (instead of themselves and the attempts to photograph their children) they would give to more of the organizations that are out there to help people in need. There are single moms, small families, elderly and others who can't afford the little things like: food; electricity; clothing; and yes GAS! Our area normally has a "tax free week" each year to help with the costs of buying clothes and supplies for the children going back to school. This year, they are doing away with it, because of the poor economy. The reactions to the loss of this assistance are quite upsetting! So many have been depending on and waiting for this week to come, so that they could save on buying these supplies.

Let's all hope that the economy takes a turn for the better and people won't feel such despair. But if it doesn't, I hope that the media can find a way to be more useful and  resourceful by publicizing the many different ways to help those in need and leave those that don't want to be bothered alone. It might not be exciting for TV viewers, internet surfers or entertainment magazine readers, but exposure to something new is not always bad.

by parker
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