Storm Disasters

Published Thursday, June 26, 2008 10:59 AM

Our area had severe thunderstorms last night. Frequent lightning flashes and scary crackling thunder made us grateful to be indoors and safe, hoping as many as possible were indoors too.

Today, I heard a commercial on the radio about hurricane preparedness (or lack thereof). A family who had gone almost 24 hours with two small hungry children--no food, no drinking water, no power, no telephone service and a dead cell phone wondering what will happen to them. Well, I have heard this commercial several times before, but after a storm like that, I think twice about what my family would do when a storm or hurricane, taking out power, came through our city. We are so dependent on electricity for: lighting, cooking, and washing that we don't always realize how devastating an event like this can be. Especially, when an entire family is involved. I am determined now to put a good plan in place now where we have food, water and other necessities when we need them.

The commercial named a website:

Take a look at how to prepare for such a disaster long before it occurs and while supplies are available. 

by parker
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