The Joy of Moving

Published Friday, June 20, 2008 1:55 PM

Our family had to move last weekend and it was quite a job. We began packing boxes 2 weeks in advance and still had several items to box on moving day. Anything from dishes in the dishwasher and drain, to knick knacks on the kitchen counters. Finding a place to put everything in our new home was much more fun. Everyone has plenty of room for their things and we actually gained kitchen and closet space, although losing square footage, so we are happy with that. Now that our dog has adjusted to where the front and back doors are, life in our new home is good.  We look forward to using this weekend to enjoy it all. We found that being able to change our address online for most of our bills and mail was quite easy and took place right away. Be ware though, that if you move and need to forward your mail through the post office ( although the process is quick and easy, actually receiving your mail in the right place is not that easy. We are still driving by our last home (now vacant) to get our mail until our forwarding order kicks in. The same goes for the last resident(s) in our new home. They did an online forwarding order over a week ago and we are still collecting their mail for them. Oh, well...such is life.

by parker
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