School Life for Parents

Published Friday, February 8, 2008 11:33 AM

Sorry that I have not checked in for quite some time. This busy thing called "life" just got to me. I never thought about how hard it would be to be a full time, working parent. I was spoiled when it was just my husband and I. We could get up at the last minute to get no one but OURSELVES ready for work and come home to eat take out. No worries!!

Well, once that cute baby gets old enough to go to school, life changes dramatically and in ways you never expected.

-Kids don't want to get up early during the week, and they don't want to sleep in on the weekend. What's that all about?

 -They love having a pet, they just don't want to have to walk or feed it. "That's too much work"; "Why do I have to do it?"
Well, who wanted the pet???

-They can't hear you when you scream their name, but they know exactly what you just "whispered" to your spouse, IN A DIFFERENT ROOM.

Can anyone relate to this:

8:00am, your child says: "Mom, we need (XXX) from the grocery store. Don't forget."
Mom: "OK, hun. I'll get it on my way home from work.

7:00pm: here is your child again: "Mom, did you remember to get it."
Mom: "Yes, here it is."

Now, let's try the reverse:

8:00am, mom says: "Don't forget your homework. It is due today. Maybe you should go put it in your backpack now so that you will have it when we leave."
Child: "OK"
Mom: "Now don't forget..."

8:10am, child says: "Oh, no. I forgot my homework."


by parker
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