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Give Dad something special this Father's Day – without breaking the bank

Father's Day is this weekend, and while our hearts are full of love for dear old Dad, our wallets may be empty. Here are the top 10 inexpensive or free gifts you can give Dad on his special day.

1. Give Dad a day free of chores. Remember all those little things Dad normally takes care of? Take care of them for him so he can not only enjoy a free day or a whole weekend, but he'll be able to relax knowing the jobs are still being done.

2. Spend the day outside with Dad, doing whatever he wants. He may want to go fishing, or maybe just browse his favorite hobby shop. Whatever it is, make it all about him.

3. Give Dad control of the remote for a full 24 hours. That's right – he gets to decide what and when you watch. 

4. Wash and fully detail Dad's vehicle. It's something he may not have time to do for himself that he'll truly appreciate.

5. Make Dad his favorite dessert, or serve him breakfast in bed. 

6. Write your dad a story, with him as the hero. Or recall your fondest memory of time spent with him. It'll be even more special if you can add a photo.

7. Have your picture taken and give it to Dad in a nice frame. All dads like bragging on their kids. 

8. Ask your dad if you can work with him on a project. It could be woodworking, or even a project around the house. You'll learn new skills and you'll make great memories with Dad – and spending time together is the best present.

9. Mow the lawn and trim the hedges – without being asked. 

10. Hide your dad's favorite treats around the house and leave him clues to help him find them. Or you could just stuff them in his pockets, briefcase, laptop case, office desk…wherever…along with notes that tell Dad how special he is.

Published Jun 13 2012, 04:18 PM by moneycoach
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