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So many new books

Today I finally received the last of my "new" books that I ordered on and around my birthday a few weeks ago. Since all of my friends and family know that I'm pretty obsessed about buying books on in order to continue to build my linguistics library, most everyone bought be gift certificates from the site to do so. I was so excited when I started to receive these gifts that I could barely wait to check out my "wish list" on amazon and see what I should buy. I ended up ordering about twelve books and only spending about one hundred dollars of the two hundred dollars that I received in gift certificates. The twelve books that I bought had been on my list for quite a while since they weren't exactly books that I needed but rather ones that I wanted. I still have about forty books left on my wish list and one hundred dollars to spend, but I'm waiting for the remaining items to come down in price. I want to make sure I stretch these gift certificates as far as they'll go. I've sort of become famous amongst my linguistics friends for always finding the best deals on the internet for various linguistics books, so who I am so do away with my reputation, right? The coolest part about this whole new book thing is that I'm running out of space on my "linguistics" bookshelf. I have one five-foot, five-shelf bookcase for all my linguistics books and then another slightly smaller bookcase for all my foreign language books. It looks as though I'm going to have to buy another tall bookcase and rearrange things, because as you could probably guess, I like to have books grouped according to their category. I don't want any syntax books creeping in to the phonology books, or general linguistics creeping into just wouldn't be right.
Published Jan 28 2007, 02:33 PM by christophergreen
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