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Google: Stop with the begging already...

Google is begging Youtube users to use real names when posting commentary. And it's getting downright pathetic.

The begging first began in June when Google gave Google+ users the ability to use their Google+ profiles on their user channels. It's supposed to go like this: When you attempt to post a comment on a video, a box pops up that requests you enter your full name. Once you do this, your information from your Google+ account will appear.

You can opt out of this, choosing instead to use a made-up name. But you have to justify your decision by choosing one of the following options: "My channel is for show or character," "My channel is for a music artist or group," "My channel is for a product, business or organization," "My channel is well known for other reasons," "My channel is for personal use, but I cannot use my real name" or, my favorite, "I'm not sure, I'll decide later." Yeah, Google. I'll get back to you on that one.

The requests are apparently falling on deaf ears, because the commentary is still as much a mess as ever. 

Personally, I think this stinks. Let me have my anonymity when I post commentary. Isn't that what the whole commentary thing is for? You can post what you really think without worry of retribution. 

And who does Google think they are, trying to make us do this? I'll tell you who they are – a business that seeks to find even more ways to sell our identities to their advertisers. Not to mention that identity thieves can troll the site, seeking the information they need to commit any number of crimes.

It appears that Google has backed off a bit, and this whole thing may just die a slow and painful death. I just hope it doesn't become a mandatory thing. Because then I'd be forced to post some really severe commentary. And yes, I'd sign that bee-otch.

Published Jul 26 2012, 01:56 PM by IdentityTheft
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