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Newest Facebook scam: Tag, you're it

If you receive an e-mail claiming to be from Facebook and claiming you've been tagged in a photo posting, beware.

The latest malware attack comes disguised as a photo post tag. The e-mail says it's from "" – note the three O's. If you click on the link embedded in the e-mail, you'll be taken to a screen that begins to infect your computer with malware. But before you get a chance to truly panic, within seconds your browser is taken via a META redirect to the Facebook page of another person.

When you receive e-mails such as this, and are unsure of the origin, be sure to hover your mouse over the link. It will show you the true destination.

To be extra safe, just don't click on links embedded in unsolicited e-mails. Make this a rule of thumb, and you'll likely be safe. You should also set up a firewall, and make sure your computer is outfitted with the latest in anti-spyware and anti-malware software. Be sure to update your software and protections as often as you are prompted to.

Published Jul 18 2012, 04:25 PM by IdentityTheft
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