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I think my Facebook profile's been hacked – what do I do?

Facebook is a social networking site that connects more than 500 million people. Users can create a profile, and add pictures, links and comments, and then choose  network of Facebook friends with whom to share their profile. There are a variety of different privacy settings that allow other users to see more or less of a profile.

A growing concern among Facebook users, hacking is becoming more and more common. If someone has hacked your Facebook profile or phished it, meaning someone sent you an e-mail, message or link to a website that seems authentic and asks for personal information, you can report these violations to Facebook's technical support team. 

First of all, log into your Facebook account using your password and e-mail address. Click on the "Help" butting under "Settings." In the "Help Center," find the section entitled, "Hacked Accounts and Spam" and click on that link.

Choose the link that best describes the problem with your account. Follow the instructions under the link you have chosen. If you feel sure there's an issue, you'll also want to change your password.

You should forward the phishing e-mail to, the official e-mail address for reporting potential identity theft scams.

Remember, it's a good idea to change your passwords periodically on social networking sites and other sites you use frequently. Make the passwords difficult to decipher, using upper and lower case letters and numbers. 

Published Jun 07 2011, 11:36 AM by IdentityTheft
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