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There has been almost no decent music being written in the past few years. The garbage that is being written these days parallels the sorry state of our society. As a result of this situation, many people who still have taste in real music are going back in time to the fifties and sixties to relive some really neat music and good times. The society was more wholesome back then and the majority of people could feel safe in their homes and on the streets.

Back in the fifties you could hear good music on the streets under the streetlights from small groups of young people singing a-capella. They didn’t have many musical instruments so they sang the instrument parts of the song while one person sang the lead. If you have seen the movie “Rocky” you will see and hear such a group singing in the alley when Rocky is carrying Adrienne down the street after they got married. The lead singer, by the way, is Stallone’s real life brother. Anyway, one of the pioneers of this “doowop” style was Dion DiMucci and his group was called the Belmonts. As a teenager, he must have been very talented to suggest to his friends to imitate the music that they heard on the radio. They wrote songs of their own and recorded them; the rest, as they say, is history. By the time he was twenty-one years of age, Dion was a millionaire twice over. The walls of his home are festooned with gold records and awards. He is but one example of many young people who have made millions with simple music.

So, where’s the regret? Can anyone think of a better deal than to make millions of dollars doing something that they love to do? And to make that money while giving something to the society at large and to realize that you have given something wholesome that generations will enjoy over and over again must be very satisfying indeed. Since Dion is roughly my age, I wonder if I had chosen to stand under streetlights in New York (we are both from the same area in New York) that maybe I could have contributed something worthwhile too. So says Sam Post.

Published Aug 31 2009, 04:40 PM by Sam Post
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