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Criminal Justice?

As in “justice for criminals”? Our society has lost all its morals and common sense, to be sure, but some things just go too far. It would seem that any society’s criminals are the bad guys. Why are we concerned so much with the bad guys’ rights, comfort, and justice? Do most people think that it is okay to condone and encourage criminal behavior, as does our government? It would certainly seem that this is the case.

It might surprise most people that prisons in this country are more like country clubs than they are like institutions for punishment. It is, therefore, no wonder that most of those incarcerated are encouraged to become recidivists. In prison the inmates may have to obey a few rules (similar to those supposedly learned in kindergarten) but other than doing laundry and pulling a few weeds, most people in prison do nothing other than surf the net, build muscle in their well-equipped gyms, play sports, attend college programs and receive degrees. And you know who pays for it all: we do via our taxes. Meals in prisons are hearty and plentiful; the cafeterias are well equipped and they resemble any other food establishment. Inmates really have no reason to want to leave. Most of them live better in prison than they did on the outside. Their responsibilities are almost non-existent; they have plenty of time to learn how to be more effective criminals from their neighbors and from the Internet, books, magazines, and from corrupt officials.

There is only one person who is truly doing something in this decadent society to help the public become safe and to improve the citizens. He is a warden in Arizona who runs his prison as an institution for the betterment of everyone who would seek a life of crime. He treats his inmates as they should be treated. They must live in tents in the hot Arizona sun, they get no privileges, there are minimal rations, they must do meaningful work during a regulated workday, and they wear only pink underwear. His message to inmates is: if you don’t like the conditions here, then don’t come back. He is discouraging recidivism. The inmates are actually reaping the rewards of criminal behavior and they are shown that a life of crime is a bad thing for all concerned.

One wonders if the morons who champion the country club type of prisons are indeed criminals themselves. They are corrupt in their thinking and they are responsible for contributing to the dissolution of a safe way of living for the population at large. Crime of all kinds is on the rise, more citizens have guns for protection of life and limb than ever before, and almost no one can feel safe in their communities. The Internet has become a fertile soil for the proliferation of new, more virulent types of crime. There is more corruption in government, police, and corrections departments. We are on the verge of societal implosion on a catastrophic scale and it seems that almost no one cares. Criminals show no respect for the community by way of their crimes; why should they receive the rewards of decent citizens who obey the country’s laws? So says Sam Post.

Published Aug 25 2009, 12:17 PM by Sam Post
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