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Characteristic of the Insane

Of the many characteristics of the chronically insane, one stands out as the most ubiquitous of all: an inability to communicate. Believe it or not, failure to communicate is probably the most salient feature of all neurotics and psychotics. It is so common that most people don’t realize that they are not connecting with another human being in a conversation. Though there are a lot of words, gestures, and expressions being thrown at each other, most people do not communicate at all most of the time. I have seen this situation many times in many different scenarios. How many times, for example, have you gone to a restaurant and ordered a meal, and then when it arrived at the table, it was incorrect? This has happened to me many times in many different restaurants. Basically, no one is listening because very few people care. I have listened to many conversations in bars over the years and I have witnessed people talking to (or, rather, at) each other with no information being posited, no point being made, and devoid of any sense whatsoever.

A recent example of such nonsense occurred last Saturday evening. The Ghost was called in to play a party at a local bar. Everything was well for most of the evening; the party itself was made up of people in their late twenties. I was very pleased to see that the kids were respectful and polite and they seemed to be having a great time. Then, near the end of the evening, the owner of the establishment came up to the bandstand and said she wanted the music faster and louder. Okay, an adjustment to the amplifiers boosted the music loud enough to break the sound barrier, and the band played faster. Mission accomplished? No. Every five minutes this same person came up to us and repeated the same instructions. None of the band members could figure out what this individual was talking about. We eventually agreed that she was drunk and insane. Whatever she was trying to tell us eluded everyone; evidently she didn’t know what the words meant that were spewing from her mouth.

It is no wonder that there is so much discontent and enmity in this society. No one can understand what is being said because of apathy and insanity in most of the population. It would appear that the lack of education in most people is now showing itself as a contributor to the breakdown of communication. Also, when communication wanes, loneliness and depression ensue, drugs and alcohol abuse become more prevalent, and people become even more insane. So says Sam Post.

Published Aug 11 2009, 09:33 PM by Sam Post
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