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June 2009 - Posts

  • Ghostly Predictions Coming True

    Sometimes I wish that I was not blessed with the innate talent of prognostification. That means that I seem to be able to predict the future rather well. Unfortunately, it seems that my talent is skewed toward the negative events more than toward the positive events in life. If I could predict the high points of the stock market, then I would have something to celebrate, indeed.

    Today I took the Ghostmobile to my mechanic for a slight adjustment. When I got there I was met by a solitary worker sweeping up the last of the debris on the shop floor. I inquired as to the goings on and the worker told me that they had closed down their shop a week ago. There was not enough business to keep the place open. I learned quite a bit more as the conversation developed. He told me that the supplier of parts that had delivered to them for two years has lost seventeen clients in recent weeks. Seventeen auto repair places are now defunct that were in business a few weeks ago. It gets even scarier. The sweeper recommended another car repair place a few miles down the road; but he added that I had better get there soon because that place was preparing to move to another location where it was assumed that business would be better. I left my condolences with the sweeper and then I hurried to the recommended repair shop. There I saw several signs indicating that the place was going to shut down and move to another location. I spoke with the manager. His story was similar in tone to the first repair shop. He has already let more than half of his mechanics go and he has some doubts as to the future of his business.

    Recently there have been a few restaurant closings too. Most of you know that the Silver Slipper closed recently; it was established in 1934 and had been run in that location without a problem. In Saint Marks, the Two Nichols restaurant and Lounge has closed its doors. As places close down, more restaurants and bars will feel the pressure also. Many establishments are reducing staff in an effort to keep their doors open.

    Make no mistake about it, we are in a depression (not a recession) and we are in for much more disappointing news in the coming months. It is deceiving to read in the news that the economic conditions have hit bottom and that recovery is around the corner. The government has always lied about such things and the news media follows along on their puppy dog leashes. People and businesses are in deep trouble and it is going to get worse before it gets better. As a simple thermometer, we can say that whatever the media tells us is about six to nine months from reality. That is, if they tell us that the market has finally hit bottom and that recovery is about six months away, we can then add six to nine months to their predictions. We may still be wrong using this formula but at least we won’t be fooled, only to trip in the next pothole. Gird your loins, save what you can, and don’t waste anything – and don’t believe any lies that the government tells you, like trading in your car to get the forty-five hundred dollar payment. Sure, they will give you the forty-five hundred bucks, but when the smoke clears, you will have a twenty (or thirty) thousand-dollar debt to pay. Stick with what you have and take care of it, if you can find a mechanic still in business! So says Sam Post.

    Posted Jun 29 2009, 07:17 PM by Sam Post with 2 comment(s)
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  • American Waste

    I saw a scary documentary last evening on the economic crises that are afflicting this nation. The film illuminated the situation in such a way as to instruct the viewer in the "behind the scenes" activities of all the politicians, and the overall greed of the American population. The main theme of the story was that: "If we don't change what we are doing (and have been doing for many decades) we will burden our offspring with a debt that can never be repaid". From where I am sitting it appears that no one cares about any of this; if anyone did care, then we would have done something many years ago. Thus, it is clear that the American way of living, indeed, the very existence of America as a rich nation is coming to a quick and certain end. Once again, apathy reigns.

    For a comparison, the film pointed out that Rome was the longest existing power in recorded history. It failed for specific reasons. The most salient reason for its decline was moral decay. Overall, America is showing the same list of symptoms as Rome, moral decay is our most salient feature nowadays. We, however, are showing these decadent symptoms far earlier than Rome. We have passed the point of fixing the problems; even if we, somehow, could become smart overnight we could not stop the slide into the abyss. There is so much greed and stupidity in our way of life that we would not accept what it would take to fix things; indeed, we would think that we were being punished. Our education system (a misnomer) is geared toward dumbing down the population to the point that people are no more than cattle to be led to ineffective living through advertising. Everyone wants the American Dream except that no one really knows what constitutes that dream. We tend to think of luxury, laziness, and lying on the couch while someone else feeds us grapes. We say we know all about health and diets and "good living", so tell me why there are fast food restaurants on every street corner while health food restaurants have never been able to keep their doors open. We know all the facts on staying healthy (exercise, eating right, no stress) but we only pay lip service to these things while we gulp down burgers ‘n' fries while lying on the couch, and worrying about not having as many toys and trinkets as our neighbors. Most Americans are beyond apathetic; they stick their heads back in the sand when reminded of how inept we have become over time.

    Our trade deficit is enormous and growing every day. At the present time America has the largest deficit of any major nation on Earth. We owe more money than anyone else. We have become consumers while we produce almost nothing. Is it any wonder that Americans have fewer jobs? We would rather buy our goods from another country (with money that we borrow from some other nation) than to gear up our factories and to produce our own goods. We became a great nation by keeping things within our borders, rolling up our sleeves and going to work to produce real, tangible goods and services. We won the Second World War because we got to work and we out-produced our enemies. Then we got lazy and stupid. In less than seventy years, barely a generation, America has gone from a super power to the brink of disaster. All the things that made this country great, such as morality, industry, cohesiveness, direction, discipline, and desire for real growth, among others, are defunct. What we see today are spoiled people seeking only hedonistic pursuits with no regard for any of the virtues of the past.

    The film also included some scenes from China and a couple workers who lived very frugally, and who were working toward a better life. Each person (they were husband and wife) earned ten dollars per day. Their meager accommodations included a small apartment and only the barest of essential furniture. They were living on ten dollars and they were saving the other ten dollars to buy, possibly, a car in the future. By our standards, these are homeless people (actually, homeless people in this country make much more than ten dollars a day from the morons who give them money on the street corners) and our stupid government would instantly run in to give these people loans to buy houses and cars and other toys. In other words, our way is to spoil these people by preventing them from attaining virtues (like pride in themselves) while making them dependent upon making money to survive. The Chinese people in the film were happy and hopeful; they were looking to earn a better life. By contrast, most of our citizens are unhappy and are being manipulated into a poorer future by a liberal attitude that is infecting our population.

    There is no doubt that only a catastrophic event can affect any real change in the present conditions, something on the scale of a war waged on us from another planet that would force all of us to band together in a common goal of survival. We would be forced to abandon our stupid ways, to forget our moronic toys, and to adopt real virtues, like honesty, altruism, and morals. So long as we persist in our ineffective ways, we will further damage our way of life. We need to produce real products for real living, not useless toys that have no meaning. If a person needs a spoon to eat their food, then spoon making becomes a real, useful industry. Useless (and damaging) products, like video games, paint ball, thrill seeking activities (like bungee jumping), and "virtual" programs need to be eliminated in favor of real learning situations (like allowing a child to play with a cardboard box or a dirty stick that he finds in the yard). Get rid of meddling people and let our children learn to be industrious, that is the only way to let any one acquire an education. Want proof of how rotten we really are at present? Just watch any news program. You will see the decadence, the greed, the stupidity, and the ubiquitous boredom that afflicts most people. If you want to be less depressed, then turn off the television, use newspapers for their best purpose (to wrap fish and to clean up after the dog), stop "surfing the net", and stop gossiping. Of course, these drastic measures would leave most people with nothing to do. So says Sam Post.

    Posted Jun 26 2009, 01:24 PM by Sam Post with 1 comment(s)
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  • A New Invention: the Telephone!

    Well, this writing is aimed mostly at the South; this is the first time, no doubt, that Southerners will be introduced to the device that Alexander Graham Bell invented so long ago. A great day has emerged for the South. Now, instead of having to walk to a neighbor's residence (maybe twenty-five feet away), a person can contact his neighbor with this handy device that is sitting inside his own house. Wow! Just think of it. You can talk to anyone you want, no matter how far away they may be, by picking up the receiver and dialing in a number. Of course there will be substantial (and numerous) lessons given on how to dial a number, and how to actually pick up the receiver; there will also be a book of instructions that will be packed with the telephone. The book will be mostly pictures because the company understands that most folks cannot read fancy words. (Fancy word: more than one letter.)

    The reader may be wondering why this new invention is being introduced now, so long after Alexander did his thing. Well, it happens that a neighbor (who lives next door) had a heart attack a couple weeks ago and no one bothered to tell any of the other neighbors. The Ghost was not made privy to this information either. Today the neighbor saw me outside and he informed me of his bad luck. Why, I wonder, did his wife not tell me of their misfortune so that I could have done some of the chores around their house, or visit the poor soul in the hospital (or, since I am facile with Alexander's new device, I could have called him to find out how he was doing!). I would have happily cut their grass, tended their garden, watered the lawn, and more, as I have done in the past. In fact, I remember his wife speaking to me over the fence one day - she never mentioned his misfortune.

    I realize that common sense does not exist in this society anymore, but just by default someone ought to have the courtesy to let people know of situations that affect all of us. What's wrong with these people south of the Mason-Dixon line? They are so paranoid. No wonder the South lost the war; none of these people communicate with each other on anything except gossip. Stupid. So says Sam Post.

    Posted Jun 16 2009, 06:57 PM by Sam Post with no comments
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  • A Change of Venue

    The musical side of the ghost has decided that a change of venue is necessary. You see, with fifty years of experience as a musician and entertainer, I have finally come to the conclusion that a change is necessary in order maintain some form of rudimentary sanity.

    For the first twenty or so years in the music business I have studied and performed on the drums as my main instrument. It was enormously rewarding in many ways in terms of the gigs that I did, the people and celebrities that I have met, and in the experience that I gained. When I realized that the people standing in front of the stage were regarded more highly than the musicians at the back of the bandstand, I switched to playing guitar and singing lead. This change gave me more recognition, more money, and the ability to perform by myself if needed. Sometimes musicians can't (or don't) show up for a performance and on drums I certainly couldn't do a four-hour drum solo. Well, I could, but not many folks would want to hear four solid hours of just drums. As a guitarist and lead vocalist there is/was the possibility of doing a single and having the audience enjoy it. Anyway, it was a good change. I grew as a musician and as an entertainer. I still play drums when called upon and I have a special place in my heart for the instrument. I would be most happy to play drums forever in a good band that played steadily. Now it is time for another major change.

    I have recently acquired another guitar and it has changed my whole outlook on performing. The last time I bought a guitar was in 1981. It was and is still a fine instrument, one that I have yet to master. Today it is worth more than it was worth when I bought it. It was a quirky gig that I recently did that set the change in motion. The gig requires a more folky, acoustic sound than I normally produce. Since I have always wanted to play folk music (I'm a diehard Peter, Paul, and Mary fan) I looked at some acoustic electric instruments. I was not ready for the quality that I found. This new instrument sounds so wonderful that it has changed my whole way of playing, and because I heard a concert recently by a great guitarist - who was playing a guitar of the same quality - I was encouraged to enter a higher plane of musical entertainment. Now it is difficult to play the same old three chord songs that I have played for many years; now I want to play more complicated pieces and to produce a better sound. It is a good change. So says Sam Post.

    Posted Jun 15 2009, 07:41 PM by Sam Post with no comments
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  • Ghost Town Coming Soon

    Yes, times are bad now and they appear to be getting worse. As I drive down the street I see more and more buildings vacant, more store closings, even restaurants are scaling down or going out of business. Even as the government tells us that the economy is leveling off, we on the bottom rung of the ladder are still seeing our surroundings dry up. Some of these things are happening all the time; even in good economic times we see stores going out of business and downsizing. Nowadays, however, it seems as if an epidemic is upon us. Recently I saw a Burger King restaurant vacant. When people cannot afford a burger and fries you can depend upon the fact that we are truly in economic trouble.

    One of the things that happen in bad economic times is the domino effect. This is when one store closes and, as a result, another business will close down. It seems that we are all dependent upon each other for our monetary system to survive. It is easy to understand that when Detroit lays off workers that those people cannot buy groceries because they have no paycheck. It doesn't stop there, however, these same people cannot afford to eat at restaurants, go bowling, go to bars, or other entertainment establishments. One by one, just like dominoes, these other businesses start to fail because there is no money to keep circulating to allow ancillary businesses to stay operating.

    Everybody starts to curtail their activities in an effort to save money. What little a family may have in monetary resources now becomes ever more precious. The kid's dance lessons may stop, fewer clothes may be purchased, and there will be fewer trips to the tonsorial artist. Maybe this is the time to go on that diet, do ya think? So says Sam Post.

    Posted Jun 08 2009, 09:18 PM by Sam Post with no comments
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  • The Tallahassee Crud

    Mrs. Ghost and I have been feeling really ill for almost two weeks now and there seems to be no cure. The symptoms resemble a massive cold, sinus problems, headache, raspy cough, bronchitis, sore throat, sneezing, and wheezing. It appears also to be a massive allergy attack; again, no cure for any of the above symptoms. Mrs. Ghost has been to the doctor and she was told that she had bronchitis. She was given some medicines and the information that it would take at least several days to feel better. All these medicines and the information were bogus. The most either one of us can do is to keep taking allergy pills to try to rid ourselves of some of the cold symptoms. Nothing, it seems, is known about this mystery disease, where it comes from, how to cure it, how to prevent it, or even what to call it. I have heard of the Tallahassee Crud several times in years past and I believe this is the culprit. Oddly, there is nothing that can be done about it except to pop pills and drink gallons of cough syrup. These things don't help very much but at least one can get a few hours of sleep if they have enough medication in them.

    I have been around for many years now and I have lived in several different states. I have never heard of anything resembling this malady in any place that I have been. There is no New York Crud, or Chicago Crud, or Miami Crud. Only Tallahassee seems to harbor this disease. A few years back I read an article about the city with the dirtiest air, it was Tallahassee. The article revealed that the air and water currents travel north to the first landfall - Tallahassee. These currents carry all the crap that emanates from all the towns and cities along Florida's west coast and this is why this city gets the prize for being the filthiest city in terms of air quality. Maybe this is the reason that most of us get sick at certain times of the year. So says Sam Post.

    Posted Jun 04 2009, 09:38 PM by Sam Post with no comments
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  • On Preventive Medicine

    All documentaries, on any subject, are interesting to me. I prefer real life to fiction every time. Most recently I saw a film on Dr. Gerson, a doctor who treated cancer with nutrition. He died in 1959. His work demonstrated that eating correctly is the best way to have a long and healthy life. Although his main work was done in the field of oncology, there are many wonderful things to be learned in keeping ourselves healthy and/or curing ourselves of life threatening diseases.

    My own interests focus on preventive medicine. My theory is that, if we stay healthy, then we don't have to visit the physician and have to put up with their drugs, their insensitivity, their incompetencies, and pecuniary attitude. Staying healthy is definitely the way to go! When I saw the above-mentioned documentary, I paid close attention and I was elated to find Gerson's attitude to be similar to my own. In fact, both my approach, and Gerson's, aligns nicely with Dr. Richard F. Marsella's holistic approach to preventive medicine. In short, it seems there are several of us out there who have a better idea.

    Dr. Gerson was a pioneer in the curing of serious diseases. He developed a way of curing diseases with special diets that he concocted on an individual basis. Among other interesting elements of his diets was organically grown coffee. Before you get your taste buds in gear, be advised that he wanted the patient to take their coffee in enema form. I doubt that Starbucks will be offering that in a latte. So says Sam Post.

    Posted Jun 03 2009, 06:39 AM by Sam Post with no comments
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