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October 2008 - Posts

  • Decisions On The Auxiliary

    If you remember my last blog concerning the MSD, you will be pleased to know that I have found out some information on this device. After asking everyone I could find I found that no one could tell me about the MSD. I casually mentioned my dilemma to a friend (who is a computer geek) and he suggested that we might find the answer on Google. He punched in the question and we got an answer. I am elated to have the information, but I am dismayed that not a single member of any boating organization was knowledgeable. It is frightening to think that most people have given up using their brains in favor of letting their lives be run by a computer. What if the power goes down? It reminds me of the movie, “The Matrix” where the only use for humans is to power machines with their bodies, and their brains are “washed” to the point where illusion is what they take as reality.

    When I contacted the power squadrons, I found that most of them were shut down due to lack of interest. I could find only one squadron in Panama City and the gentleman that I spoke with told me that they were shutting down at the end of the year. The reason, again, was lack of interest. He said that the young people today have no interest in boating safety or the environment. The only members that were left in the squadron were elderly and that they were dying off. Since they were not able to refresh their numbers with younger people, they were deactivating their organization. I had mentioned to this man the concerns I had with the Coast Guard Auxiliary and he agreed with me. He told that he had been a member of the Auxiliary for thirty years but that recently he, and many others, left that organization because of the nitpicking and stupid rules and regulations that they have added recently. He was very angry that the Auxiliary would not recognize him as a loyal member and participant for thirty years service; they treated him as if he were a new recruit and required him to re-apply and to submit to re-examination of his information.

    One wonders what is going on with the thinking in these organizations. They want people to volunteer their time and money, but they subject them to scrutiny as if they were applying for 007 status. And they may wonder why most of their experienced members are leaving and that no new people can be found. “Come join the Auxiliary – bring your own Vasoline!” Our pathetic Government does it again. Or maybe the organizations are trying to shut down. This is the only explanation that makes sense. Insult anyone who has experience or a working brain and make recruitment so arduous and ridiculous that no one will seek to join. Then the organizations will fade into oblivion. The result will be that the good work that these organizations have been doing for many years (the power squadrons have been around since about 1912, and the Auxiliary has been around longer than that) will disappear in favor of more lawlessness and ignorance; the boating public, all of us, will lose valuable information about safety on the water. So says Sam Post.

    Posted Oct 29 2008, 09:54 AM by Sam Post with no comments
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  • Just What Is An MSD?

    There must be a hundred different explanations for the initials, MSD. If, however, we are talking about boats, then there are only about ninety-nine explanations. To help out, I will mention that, in this case, MSD stands for Marine Sanitation Device. Fine. Just what IS a marine sanitation device? It is not a porta-pottie, or a macerator pump, or a holding tank, because if it were any of those things, it would be called by any of those names. So, a marine sanitation device must be something else. I thought of every combination of parts in the head, but nothing answers the question. Next I searched through all of my nautical books hoping to find a section on this elusive device but to no avail. Then I thought that the Coast Guard Auxiliary might know because it was in their literature from the Coast Guard that I saw the requirement for this device whenever you have an installed toilet in a boat.

    I called two separate members of this organization. Since they specialize in educating the boating public, I thought that my question would be very easy to answer. I was wrong. Both people had no idea of what I was talking about. When I asked my question, I said, “What is an MSD?” Then I had to tell each of them what the initials stood for; they had no clue. One of them told me to go to a marine store, where boat parts are sold and ask them to show me the device. Off I went to Westmarine where I felt sure that I would meet with success. I spoke to every one of the employees. Guess what, none of them knew.

    Now I am on a quest to find the answer to the question. I rechecked the literature to make sure that I did not misread the requirement. Next I will call the Power Squadron to see if any of them can answer my query. It is quite disturbing to know that a boater can get a ticket for not having a very long list of equipment on board. But it is even more disturbing that no one knows what this equipment is in the first place. The MSD question was not the only query I made where I received an unsatisfactory answer. It is truly scary that the government is so inept and arbitrary in their silly rules, regulations, and laws. How is a citizen supposed to abide by all the contradictory crap that is thrown our way? So says Sam Post.

    Posted Oct 21 2008, 09:41 AM by Sam Post with no comments
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  • A Ghostly Addendum

    Working on a boat requires many different skills, a toolbox overflowing with specialized contraptions, warehouses filled with materials, an office filled with plans, a bookcase choked with hundreds of reference books, and a strong desire to build something of worth – that will actually float. Do you know how to make a boat float? You take two scoops of Vanilla ice cream and add one scoop of boat, and stir. But what happens when you stir too vigorously and you spill some of your drink? Well, you must clean it up – with a ShamWow.

    Boats that are bought from a factory need to be washed, dried, waxed, and polished. All of these things can be done with the ShamWow. When a boat is manufactured in your backyard, however, there is more need for a tough and handy little cloth. Many times a tool must be cleaned before being used. Saws work better when they have a light coating of machine oil and the ShamWow makes a great applicator. The cloth is tough enough to stand up to any tool but it is also absorbent to drink up any spill of liquid on the job.

    From a safety standpoint, the ShamWow does a better job of cleaning up spills than anything else. Sometimes you have to work in the rain, or on a wet floor. If you also have to use electrical tools in wet conditions, the situations can get very dangerous to your health. Not only can the ShamWow easily mop up over ten times its weight in water, it does the job in half the time of other cloths. And, you can lay down a ShamWow on the floor to stand on to give a little extra protection from the wet environment. It will also give you a non-skid surface upon which to work so that you are working in a safer area.

    The Ghost has found that the ShamWow works well as a shop rag for the dirtiest jobs, as well as a polishing cloth for the finishing of the most delicate hardware. Put on a little wax and the ShamWow easily works the material into the bright work. Renew the cloth and you easily polish that wax into a mirror finish. One cloth does it all. I used to use old shirts (somebody else’s if possible) as rags while working on the boat, but now I use the ShamWow because it works better and I can just wash it, dry it, and use it again, and again. So says Sam Post.

    Posted Oct 14 2008, 10:53 AM by Sam Post with 1 comment(s)
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  • Every Once In A While…

    They come up with something useful. As most of you know, products these days are mostly garbage. They are made in some third world toilet by natives who are happy to be getting the three-cents an hour wage paid by some sweatshop. The products are cheap, fragile, and they don’t work. But, every once in a while, somebody comes up with a product that is worthy of a second look. That product is ShamWow.

    Even if this cloth was not made in Germany, it is still a great product. The fact that it is made in Germany makes it that much better. This European country has always been known to produce high quality merchandise. Do you remember the Volkswagen, the Rolleiflex, and the Wehrmacht? One was a great little car (the People’s Car), the second was a great camera, and the third was a great army that nearly conquered the world. The Germans produce very good stuff. Now they are producing the ShamWow and you can rely on the German precision to come out with a cloth that does more than is advertised.

    The Ghost has used it for many purposes. Around the home the cloth is fantastic for cleaning up spills, drying dishes, drying his Ghostly hands after washing, placing under the dogs’ water bowls, polishing mirrors, and washing the car. With a little imagination, there are hundreds of uses for this neat little cloth.

    Let’s look at the structure of this product. It is a tough little cloth reminiscent of a chamois; it is a gentle little cloth reminiscent of velvet; and it is a sturdy little cloth reminiscent of a shop rag. It is all of the above rolled into one useful tool. But it is better than any of the above too. Would you (if you were a mechanic working in a greasy environment) want to wash and dry your hands with a shop rag? No, because the rag holds onto the grime and you don’t want to smear it all over your hands. Would you scrub the floor with a chamois? No, because the rough floor will ruin the material. Would you use a velvet cloth to place under the dog’s water bowl? No, because the dog’s claws will rend it asunder. You can do all of these chores with a ShamWow because it is engineered so well. So says Sam Post.

    Posted Oct 13 2008, 10:51 AM by Sam Post with no comments
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  • Thanks For The Suggestions

    In my last blog (the Extra one) I stated that I would be running for election under the Post Party. I asked for suggestions on anything that anyone would like to propose. Though only one person responded, I appreciate the gesture and, yes, we will make sure that all meetings of the Post Party will include chips and dip, and some of those cute little umbrellas for our drinks. Of course, we will also include the beer and burgers since we will not be able run a successful campaign on chips alone. Nuff said. Now we have an important decision to make. I feel compelled to appoint Mr. Chips as our food and entertainment coordinator, but there is another person out there who is a wizard in the kitchen. She has commented on the Post blogs on occasion but she has been silent on this latest writing. Certainly, we would want her to be the White House culinary director. We will appoint her Secretary of Culinary Affairs. All that is necessary is for her to apply and the job is hers.

    Staffing is probably more difficult than getting elected. People usually assume that the difficult part is all the campaigning, the speeches, the baby kissing, the backslapping, and other general lying that candidates perform in order to get elected. But, no one knows the story after the election is won. One does not run a country by himself/herself (maybe they should, it could be better). There are hundreds of positions that must be filled. Secretary of this, secretary of that. Ambassador to this, ambassador to that. Just think of all those lackeys that are on staff. When it comes to blaming someone for the latest debacle, we naturally turn to the “lackey de jour”. We politicians would never take responsibility for our mistakes and oversights; that is what lackeys are for, and we need plenty of them. Yes, it is a tough job finding enough people to fill the positions necessary. But, hey, someone has to do it.

    To fill all the available slots, we will need a plan. We could do a lottery, or maybe just pick people at random, or take applications. At the moment all positions are open except the food director, Mr. Chips. Anyone else who would like to join the Post staff may do so. Just tell me what position you would like, and so long as you don’t have any experience, the job is yours. And, as an added incentive, anyone elevated to a staff position will be free to hire his or her own people to work on the team. For example, the food director needs lots of people to carry all those bags of chips and jars of dip. He will also need a beer taster to make sure that the beer is of the highest quality. You never know when the Noles may come to town and we would need plenty of beer for the victory party. So, you see, staffing is a serious matter. November is coming up very fast; let’s all pull together for the Post Party. So says Sam Post.

    Posted Oct 08 2008, 10:53 AM by Sam Post with 1 comment(s)
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  • Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

    All of you have heard of the “extra” editions of newspapers; they are published in addition to the regular papers when something monumental happens. Well, you say, what has happened? Isn’t it obvious; I am posting for a second time this week.  Do I have anything important to say? Not really, so I am just going to make up something.

    Since we are in this time of presidential elections, we should discuss plans for my new political party, the Post Party. Now this could stand for a third political party or it could refer to the beer and burgers after the election. I say: it stands for both. That’s part of my political package, economy of everything. We could save words by combining sentences, or phrases and this would lead to savings in ink and paper. Just think of how much our pathetic government wastes. We in the Post Party could fund our campaign, get rid of ninety-nine percent of the useless government workers (oops, that’s redundant, “useless” and “government workers”) and have money left over to bail out all the banks too. We could do all of this in a matter of weeks, not years. And, if we want to go further in helping to save words, we could adopt Newspeak as our official language. Since our government sycophants are afraid to make English our official language, instead forcing our citizens to speak a dozen other languages, we may as well just decide to convert the entire world to Newspeak and be done with it.  (Isn’t it interesting that English is spoken in nearly every other country on the planet? Only the aliens who come to this country aren’t able to speak English.)

    As a textbook for our new party I suggest The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle Rossiter, M.D. He is a psychiatrist with many years treating patients. His purpose in writing this book is to expose the reasons that liberals are the way they are. The sub title of his book is: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness. If you always wanted to know why we have such a screwed up government, this is the book to tell you. Every page is packed with information on how spoiled parents have produced spoiled children. He points out how people (liberals) have been mistreated all their lives and how this mistreatment has ruined their ability to think. After reading this book the political arena seems clearer; we can see why spoiled, infantile people think that they should be given everything without having to demonstrate any responsibility.

    My favorite film on the subject of out pathetic political arena is: Man of the Year, starring Robin Williams. I would say this has to be the perfect film to illuminate some of the major problems we are experiencing. It is a very entertaining movie; and you will recognize most of the actors. If you have not seen this film, it is a “must see”, not only for the entertainment value, but also for the accurate depiction of how dishonest our politicians are in screwing the public.

    I am serious about my new Party. There is no doubt that, seeing the mess we have now (and it is getting worse) that Sam Post could not possibly do any harm. In fact, as I mentioned in a previous blog, he would bring something to politics that we haven’t seen in decades – honesty. All who are on board with my new Party idea are encouraged to step up with suggestions. Who knows, we may be on to something. So says Sam Post.

    Posted Oct 03 2008, 09:38 AM by Sam Post with 1 comment(s)
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