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September 2008 - Posts

  • Elect Sam Post

    Since the elections are so close I guess it is time that I start campaigning. There are many reasons to vote for Sam Post and a bunch of reasons not to vote for whomever else is running. If we are talking about the top spot (President) then there is no one else running against Sam. The two guys that are in the newspapers can’t be serious; one of them has no experience, has no clue about anything, and has only one topic: he wants to raise taxes. No one in their right mind wants to pay more taxes. The other guy has some merit. At least he has been around for a while; he has lots of experience. He has served his country in the military, and he has ideas for this country other than raising taxes. His downfall is that he is a politician. They are all politicians. And any right thinking citizen knows how to tell if a politician is lying – his (or her) lips are moving. It has been this way for decades, even more so with the last two presidents. Why would anyone vote for a liar? Is it possible that the entire voting process, these days, centers on choosing the “least of the evils”? It is probably so. How pathetic. I wonder what would happen if the public became smart enough to refuse to vote at all until an honest person said that he (or she) would seek the office. Imagine that, a president (or other elected official) who would actually do what he promised, and that was agreeable to the public. No greed, no corruption, no dishonesty, no lying, or other harm done to the American people. Wow, that would be something.

    Now, why would anyone vote for Sam Post? Well, Senor Post has the one main ingredient needed for a decent official; he is honest. He doesn’t really care what other people (like interest groups, campaign supporters, or other corrupt dingle berries) have to say. There is a job to do and Sam would just go and do it. No fanfare necessary; no banners; no loud idiots with silly hats and signs making a ruckus. Just straight up talk so that the people would know what he stands for and what he intends to do. He won’t spend anything on the “campaign” so that later on he won’t owe his soul to any group that contributed money. It would be similar to the movie, Man Of The Year, starring Robin Williams. Since Robin is not running, Sam Post will be willing to take his place. Let us try honesty in our leaders, it is a big change, but it is what we need. So says Sam Post.

    Posted Sep 30 2008, 09:23 AM by Sam Post with 4 comment(s)
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  • Starting To See Some Progress

    Some of you know that the Ghost is writing another book; now you all know. Writing a book is quite a large task, for me anyway. I used to write everything with pencil and paper (or was it quill and parchment, it was so long ago). Sometimes I think I remember using chisel and stone, but that was back in the days when I used to ghostwrite for other dignitaries. There was one job that I did on two stone tablets. Boy, was he impatient. He kept telling me to hurry up because there were hordes of pagans making golden idols and stuff. So I hurried, and you know what happened? He broke the tablets and I had to redo the job – from memory! I sure hope I remembered correctly; if the Author comes back and I didn’t do it right, I may be in for some real trouble. Anyway, that was then and this is now. It sure is nice to sit in front of a writing machine that lets me correct mistakes (not that I make any mistakes, you understand) and I don’t have to lift that heavy hammer, this is great. You can just imagine how it was to correct a mistake on a stone tablet. Not only that, but you know customers, they change their mind a lot. I just finish a stone tablet, and the guy tells me that he wants the order of the rules changed. I say, “look Man, I put a lot of sweat and toil into these two tablets and if You want them changed, You do it.” I guess it was the right thing to say because there was a little puff of smoke and “presto”; the tablets were changed to the Author’s liking. I guess He understood how hard (get it?) it is to chisel on that stone material and so He cut me some slack. After that I suggested to Him that there should be some easier way of writing if He wants me to keep ghosting for Him.

    Posted Sep 25 2008, 09:33 AM by Sam Post with 6 comment(s)
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  • Cleavon's Offspring

    Today the Ghost will comment on the recent weekend race for the last drop of gas. To look for the real problem we need only look as far as the media. We are told that the storm (Ike) would cause horrible things to happen to the oil industry and that the result would be no gasoline production and, therefore, no fuel for our gas hogs. The result for most of us was to, quick as a bunny, go fill up every available container and vehicle with as much of the precious liquid as possible in as short a time as possible. We certainly wouldn’t want our neighbors (the bastards) to get the fuel that we wanted for our toys. All this sounds somewhat logical. After all, if there is to be no gasoline, how would we get to work? To the store? To the “game”? Unfortunately, most of the information we were given was false – it is always false.

    Do any of you remember your grandparents telling you about the “gas shortages” back in the 1970’s? There was very little gas; there were long lines (maybe twenty to thirty cars per line at every gas station) and rationing. You could only buy a specified amount of gas; maybe $5.00 worth (gas was maybe fifty to sixty cents a gallon at the time) and you could only purchase gas on even or odd days depending upon what the last digit on your car’s license plate was. If the last digit was a “4”, for example, you could only purchase your fuel on an “even” calendar day. It was terrible; a person spent an hour just getting a little gas. And, he felt great just getting that gas. Then something interesting happened. A rogue reporter, Geraldo Rivera, a new kid on the block at the time, took a helicopter and a film crew and he flew out over the bay to photograph oil tankers, filled with fuel, just sitting there. Long story short, there was no fuel shortage. After his report on the evening news, the people (we were New Yorkers) got really pissed and then, magically, the gas stations had plenty of gas. Rationing and odd/even days went away. The point? We were being lied to back in the 1970’s and we are being lied to today. The media nowadays (and it has been like this for many years, of course) sensationalizes everything to “get the story”, whether they have to lie or not. Their mis-information scares the unthinking public into a panic over the stupidest things; people die because the media mis-informs the public. And it causes most people to alter their lives needlessly. It is like making an announcement in a crowded stadium that there is a bomb hidden somewhere in the seating. Can you imagine the chaos? Instead of making up the news as they go along, I believe that telling the actual truth on matters of storms and gas production, and the like, would be better. Stop scaring the public with falsehoods; they are unable to think as it is without fabricating stories that make things worse. The media telling the truth? Sounds like fiction. So says Sam Post.

    Posted Sep 18 2008, 05:56 PM by Sam Post with 3 comment(s)
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  • A Post About Posts

    All right, let’s get some things unraveled. There’s a ranking of posts and points are awarded but I can’t figure out how the rankings are chosen. In looking over the hundreds of posts that are created, I see that no one comes even a little close to the wonderful Sam Post when it comes to volume in a single post. And, no one comes close to putting in as much content as Sam Post, the Great. The ranking of King Post is quite high (of course) but I’m wondering how other bloggers are ranking higher when they don’t have the volume that Post, the Great churns out on a weekly basis. I know that others have many more blogs but their length per blog is very short compared to His Royal Highness, Herr Post. So, how is the ranking decided? Is it volume per blog? Is it based on the highest number of blogs? Is it based on quality? Is it based on quantity? Is it based on whom you know? Or, is it a formula that encompasses many of the factors already mentioned? The person who comes up with the right answer will get a great prize. (Oops, I did that scene already; besides, I sold the house that had all the firewood so the winner will not get any firewood, or cash, or anything. You are just going to get the gratitude of the Great Ghost.)

    I’m thinking of changing the length of the Ghost blogs. Maybe I’ll make them short and sweet instead of my usual medium length writings. Or, maybe I should go all out and write long blogs. This is such a quandary. Since I don’t know the formula I am going to write really short blogs to see if that makes a difference. Certainly the Ghost deserves to be numero uno. See you on the field of blogging! So says Sam Post.

    Posted Sep 10 2008, 12:08 PM by Sam Post with no comments
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  • Preparing a house for sale

    In short, good luck! The very best way to prepare a house for sale is to tear down the existing structure and to rebuild it to resemble the Taj Mahal – gold plated, of course. This economy has become the worst climate for many things, like foreclosures, credit card problems, and selling houses. There is absolutely no trust in any of our institutions or citizens. Even institutions don’t trust other institutions. I know that the foreclosure/housing market problems are the worst since the 1930’s depression (thanks to Clinton’s meddling – he’s really ruined the economy for millions of people); we have never seen a worse real estate situation since the great depression.

    Okay, so we know where the overall problems have originated. Now, what can we do about it? It is just bad luck that people have to sell in a period of depression; what you paid for a house is not what you are going to get for the same house, regardless of condition. And, buyers are spoiled, they think that they should take advantage of the times and to demand (not ask) that everything about a house be in near perfect condition.

    I was fortunate to sell my house recently. I sold it “as is”, meaning (and all you real estate folks out there, listen up) that the building is “what it is” and that anyone desiring to buy it will take what they see before their eyes. In other words, whatever items that may not be up to par are taken as seen, the owner need not fix anything. That is what “as is” means. Today, however, the English language has lost some of its meaning. Now “as is” means that you must fix whatever anybody demands to be fixed – or you don’t sell the house. Why even check the box that says “as is”? The spoiled consumers, the Walmartized, Disney dementia people who are completely irresponsible just whine until they get what they want. As I mentioned, having to sell a house in this economy is an introduction to Hell. But then, there’s a bright side. If you are successful and can actually get your house sold, you can stop worrying about what idiot is going to look at your abode and find fault with it. Now it is the other guy’s problem. And, if God is just, He will cause the people who took advantage to suffer equal or worse fates in their own lives; one can only hope.

    So, let’s say that you are going to sell your house. What should you do to try to get someone to buy it? First thing, try to get the best realtor you can find. If you know someone, or have worked with a good realtor before, you can be confident that the person will have your best interests in mind. One of the things that is important to me – and should be for everyone – is to be kept informed on a regular basis. Good news or bad, the client ought to be kept up to date on the attempts to sell the house. There should be a well thought out plan and it should be adhered to vigorously. You should receive, in writing, all information on inspections, contracts, addendums, etc. concerning the property in a timely manner. There should not be any excuses at all. Excuses are insults to the client. They indicate no respect from the realtor and they give the client a feeling of being lost; they never know what’s going on with the sale of their house.

    Second, try to anticipate anything that anybody could object to in your house. A good way to look at this is to imagine that you are the buyer of this house. What would you look for? What would you object to? Are there things that can’t be altered? Then go about fixing what you can to please you – the prospective buyer. Remember that any inspector’s job is to find problems. If he can’t find a problem it looks like he didn’t do his job. Expect that, no matter how you fix whatever you can find, there are always going to be things that you overlooked, or that an inspector will find, whether he invents the problem or not. Also, understand that when an inspector makes a list of problems, that these are suggestions, not necessarily mandates. In the correct world, suggestions are negotiating points, “I’ll do this if you do that in return.” In today’s backwards world, it is completely lopsided. A suggestion is seen as a demand. So, think in terms of fixing things that no person in their right mind would fix.

    Third, expect problems where none exist. For example, electrical wiring is an important element in any house; one errant spark on faulty wiring and the whole house could burn down. But, if the wiring is okay, why say that it is not? In my house, which was built somewhere back in the 1940’s or 1950’s, there was some wiring in the attic space that was from the original building of the house. It was not hooked up to anything. Both ends had been disconnected many years ago; it was totally defunct. In the inspection report these wires were noted as live and functioning and that they were no longer up to code. They had to be replaced with up to date wiring. I pointed out to the inspector that the wires were not being used but he was insistent that a licensed electrician had to come to change the wiring and bring it up to code. Well, I figured that he must know what he is talking about; I must be in error. I contacted a licensed electrician, told him the story, and hired him to make everything right. I went with him to inspect the wiring and he showed me that the wires were not hooked up and not functioning; they were disconnected on both ends. Further, that the correct wiring had indeed been installed. Okay, so anyone can make a mistake, but under the circumstances, this was a whopper. And it cast dispersions on me and my house. The situation caused me to spend hundreds of dollars on something that was incorrectly diagnosed.

    In short, don’t look for logic or common sense in house selling. If you can hold on until a better time (a seller’s market instead of a buyer’s market) then you are wise to do so. In my case, I weighed all the options and my decision was to sell now because I want to get on with the next phase in my life. Renting the house would have been a problem because most (not all) renters do not respect the house that they rent and you (the landlord/owner) will be constantly running to fix something that the tenant ought to fix if they were honest. I used to rent houses a few years back. Never again. If you are lucky enough to find a good tenant, then hold on to them. Unfortunately, the majority of renters have no self-respect and, therefore, have no respect for the property of others. They will destroy your house, disappear, and leave you to repair everything.

    Posted Sep 02 2008, 12:26 PM by Sam Post with no comments
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