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Thanks for tuning in. Obviously, you are among the few people out there who care, at least somewhat, about the mess this society has become. To refresh your memory (just in case it needs refreshing – no, the “refresh” button on your computer will not do it), here are a few highlights of the present dilemma.

For every law that exists, there is another law that contradicts it. This society condones and encourages criminal behavior on all levels from the lowest street crime to the highest levels of industry and government. Many years ago I heard a question posed: Why is stealing against the law? Answer: Because the government doesn’t want the competition. We always regarded this question/answer as a joke, now I think it’s dead serious! It is well known that the way to tell if a politician is lying is to see if his/her lips are moving. We have emasculated our police, our teachers, and our parents. Even the existence of God has been challenged. We are a lawless (in spite of the thousands of ludicrous laws in libraries of law books) society that has become barbaric. American society today has become the worst kind of malignancy. We are barbarians in $1000.00 suits. We have reduced ourselves to the base level of “bread and circuses”; this society is declining into oblivion. That’s a sampling of the bad news.

So, where is the hope? It’s in the people. It’s in the good folks who still possess the ability to think; to understand when they are being screwed; to exercise common sense. The way up to the fresh air is to find our way back to the way it was when we first set down rules for this new country. We need to look back to the times when things were better. Sure, we’ve had criminals, idiots, and politicians since the beginning. I’m not saying that the past was without fault. I’m saying that the proportion of good to bad was in our favor in the past. Today, the bad (societal insanity) is fast taking over the good. We’ve had many examples in past societies to show us what to do. Take, for instance, the Roman Empire. It had great things, and it had terrible things. We could learn from such examples if we wanted to build a better world, all of them. I don’t see that we are interested in taking a good example.

The Romans built many things that were great (like viaducts, sewers, among others) that still exist. They also roamed the Earth killing and conquering until they became fat and lazy. Then they were conquered. Maybe if they had stayed in Italy and defended their land without trying to oppress the whole world, the other armies might not have wanted to snuff them out.

There are plenty of similarities between Rome and America, just look around. If we want a better society, all we need to do is learn from the mistakes of civilizations that have gone before and, go back in our own short history to see when things were better, and then revisit some of these good things. Then we would see progress. Notice that the hardware of society outlasts its’ inhabitants. This is because, when you’ve got something good (like Roman sewers) you stick with it, then you see forward movement (like the modern toilet) (no pun intended). If you change things, like all the meddling that we do with people’s integrity, you get retrograde movement (constipation) and, finally, destruction of the inhabitants. The result: Planet of the Apes. Note: No animals, especially apes, were injured in the writing of this blog. Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, blah yada, blah yada, …. you know the rest. So says Sam Post.

Published May 15 2008, 12:01 PM by Sam Post
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