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Can Web 3.0 help us regain feeling on the web?

I might just be speaking for myself, but I tend to lose sensation between my ears the moment my uber-geek friends start speaking in xmlese about new Web 2.0 tools with names as mashed up as the etherial features they offer. I'm an old-school geek with +/-25 years of tech experience--I'm not sure which side of advantage this hard-wired background puts me on. I can say that my year-long immersion in Web 2.0 from the ed tech master's program I'm completing (Pepperdine University's OMET) has helped me regain some feeling. I still feel tinges of Vertigo when I look at lists of available RSS aggregators and tools, wondering if I'll ever say I couldn't live without them. However, I have found value in read/write web capability, in General, and I have changed my habits to adopt the use of a few web-based tools. I can say that I wouldn't write in a paper-based journal for my own personal reflection, but I like blogging and enjoy the interactivity it affords. Not many people place themselves in painful, totally immersive situations, so most never realize the benefits of the read/write web.

There's a lot of chatter about Web 3.0, but the talk comes from the geeks that developed Web 2.0. The rest of us need and appreciate those geeks and the passion that consumes them, but we also should have a voice in the shaping of Web 3.0. I'm in the process of setting up a discussion forum on this topic. For now, take a look at my video and feel free to leave a comment:

Published Jul 07 2007, 11:40 PM by ghinshaw
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