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Global Change Management

From where does global change derive? How can we use global change to promote deeper learning around the globe?

Global change occurs as a result of political, social or environmental events and the evolving global technological infrastructure. Much of the global change we witness is largely unplanned; the equation for global change is typically too complex for strategists and political leaders to plan and implement. At the global level, political leaders tend to observe change and react by attempting to control it.

Global change can be perceived as positive or negative, but regardless or the perception, we can take advantage of change for the purpose of promoting deeper learning. The Internet is a major factor in the flattening of the world. People of all nations use this communications pipe to tap into the global body of knowledge. Web 2.0 technology has enabled anyone to contribute, share and collaborate. Our challenge is to reach out across borders using these enabling technologies and start a conversation with people who are different from us. Our Second Life event and website for choice in education has sparked international interest. Yesterday, we received an email from an educator in England who is so committed to educational reform that he plans to attend our event even though it's at 3:00AM England time. I was excited to hear that we already have a fan base. I'm ecstatic to know that there are no borders or boundaries!

Published Jun 30 2007, 01:21 AM by ghinshaw
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