3-1 iPad Camera Connection Dongle

Published Tuesday, December 14, 2010 1:36 PM

Everyone likes to complain that the iPad doesn't have built-in USB connections or memory card card ports and I'm sure Apple did that on purpose. They don't want ugly ports and connectors crowding the simple design for the iPad. Apple did however give you 3 dock connecting dongles that allow you to connect your USB devices and insert memory cards. Why should we have to keep track of three connectors when we can do it in one. Behold the 3 in 1 iPad camera connection kit! It's about time someone decided to make one. The device should be available soon for $25 over at the M.I.C store. At $25 it's still less than the official Apple Connection set.

$25 - 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit - M.I.C Store
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