The New York Times, Lent, and the Internet

Posted Thursday, March 13, 2008 2:58 PM by Romo

Those of you who know me know that reading the New York Times from cover to cover is a long loved guilty pleasure of mine, but did you know I gave up this sink-hole pleasure for Lent? It's okay, I still have other (and more affordable, I might add) time eating tricks like devouring the classics of Russian literature, so I'm not totally going out of my mind or anything. Still, while picking up a fancy latte beverage at (hold on to your hats!) Starbucks this afternoon, I did deign to glance over the cover of the  'Times. Here's one random thing that I learned: "Last year, by one estimate, the video site YouTube, owned by Google, consumed as much bandwidth as the entire Internet did in 2000."

Reported by Steve Lohr in an article titled "Video Road Hogs Stir Fear of Internet Traffic Jam," this speculative statistic joined other tidbits including the projection of 100% growth in the future as compared to 50% currently. Also of note: in Taiwan internet speeds are twice what they are in California, and cheaper to boot. This, of course, reflects differing national policy surrounding broadband infrastructure, and this, reader, is where the article becomes relevant. What kind of economy will the United States be left with if it fails to invest in the future of the internet as fully as other countries? That's a lot to think about. I love the 'Times!

Say what you will about my need to justify my illicit visit with the object of my desire, but I think procuring this little bit of reportage was a good use of a couple minutes--I mean, I was waiting in line anyway, and it's not like I bought the paper!

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