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There are good reasons you're not writing
Saturday, August 27, 2011 4:33 PM
Me, for example, I'm not writing a whole lot because since my last post I got a cool new job! Last year my day job was as a part-time GED teacher at a drug rehab center. Now, I'm a full-time teacher at a high school! Tenth grade english baby!
It's really cool, but yes, this is probably going to slow things down some. I am happy to report that I just finished another chapter in the ole book and though I am over my self-imposed deadline I will be getting it done as soon as humanly possible. My wife keeps telling me to look forward to next summer when I actually won't have to work (my old position required me to teach all summer). And she's right. I will get to write next summer. I've already set it aside in my mind as third draft time with the space in between then as time to work on my neglected master's degree and review comments from my readers (and if I'm super on top of it, write a short story or three).
All is good. I'm doing something I enjoy, I'm getting to write still and now I have summers free. This will happen in its own time. I'm not putting it off. Time to write or reasons not to, it's still up to me to make this happen. And I will. Don't count me out yet.

Until next time, I'm Eric and I'm an unpublished novelist, but a published short story writer.
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