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The Good and The Bad
Monday, March 21, 2011 1:23 PM
I could have titled this post, "Two Weeks Behind," but it seemed as though that would be sending the wrong message. True, I never made up for that week I was sick and last week I did not send out another chapter, but I feel as though I'm making great progress considering. I can't write this book in a bubble: life happens. I could be all grumpy about it and say "I lost the weekend because I had to go to a wedding," but the fact is I had a great time getting away. The wedding was for one of my readers and it was a blast. Plus, I got to see a lot of old friends, two of whom were very interested in reading my book! I got their e-mails and sent them the first nine chapters. If that doesn't overwhelm them, I look forward to the chance of getting more feedback. Plus my cousin is interested. That brings my total readers up to eight people!

As for getting caught up, I think I can and as I said in my last blog, I hope that the motivation to pick up the pace will hold and I'll be able to start doing more than one a week. During the first draft I tried to do three every two weeks. Work or no work, I think I can do that again and better (towards the end I was actually cranking out two a week easy). Though I didn't finish a chapter last week, I've read several ahead now, with notes for revision, and I'm prepared to leap onward. Normally I read the chapter making notes, then I actually go in and do the revisions. At this point in the novel, however, I think I need to do some rearranging between chapters (i.e. switching the order of events or perhaps even the order of the chapters). That's what I'm figuring out today. Making the plan that will carry me through the next three-five chapters. My hope is that with the planning out of the way I'll be able to catapult through the next section of the book. Speaking of which... back to work.

Until next time, I'm Eric and I'm an unpublished author.
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