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Monday, April 27, 2009 12:13 PM
It's only noon and it's already been a day. I found out that the third try is not the charm with the kudzu review. I didn't submit as a freshmen but now as a senior I have failed completely to get into the Kudzu Review, FSU's undergraduate lit mag. Moving on. With school finished, it's been a hell of a semester, but now that it is nearly over I hope to be writing a great deal more and be getting back to this blog. I have one exam tomorrow and thats it, my schooling is over. I got up early today and started working on fiction, a comical piece of science fiction. Maybe it'll go somewhere but I'm not holding my breath. When I'm done I'll start on the next story and come back to it in a week or so to edit. Hope to finish it up tomorrow. I'm also going to submit another piece, a short one that I wrote based on an FML entry, to Flash Fiction Online. There is a lot to do if I want to get this writing career off the ground and now that I'm graduating in five days I think it's about time to kick this into high gear. I'm starting a more rigorous writing schedule. I plan to get up early every morning (no sleeping in, just because school is out doesn't mean it's vacation time, it's real life time) and write until the early afternoon. Then do some other misc. things and then maybe come back and write a little more before dinner. I'll be updating the blog everyday as a personal report on my progress with this new plan. Until next time, I'm Eric and I'm an unpublished fiction writer.
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