Out of all of the subjects to build a massive multiplayer online game about, SEE Virtual Worlds has picked the most bizarre one I have seen in awhile, the extremely peculiar, late Michael Jackson. This is a place for MJ fans to get online and immerse themselves in a world based on the works and music videos of Michael Jackson. Players can interact with each other and then go on adventures and do gameplay stuff and socialize" says Josh Gordon, SEE Virtual Worlds Developer, to USA Today

Players on Planet Michael will not use violence on quests, but will dance their opposition away. All those cute little bundles of joy clicking away to perform splits and slides and all kinds of cute dance moves instead of playing violent and manly video games will raise just the right kind of supple children we need at this day in age ;).

The world will be based on songs like Beat it, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, and many more. 

Based on Billy Jean

Based on Thriller

"There is no doubt that people will be joking about it and criticizing it" says Gordon, giving the impression that he thinks that the developers would be criticized no matter what they did. I wouldn't really call it criticism, I would call it people laughing at something funny. It IS a Michael Jackson MMORPG for Christ's sake. 

Regardless, the game will probably pull in millions of people, as Michael Jackson still has some of the most die-hard fans on the planet. 

Lets just hope it doesn't become a hunting ground for NAMBLA!