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Good Friday: Why Is It Good?

Most people that aren't of strong Christian faith hear about Good Friday and how the day is to commemorate the crucifixion of Christ and wonder... Why is this called "Good Friday?"

The leader of the Christian faith was tormented and hung on a cross til death. Why is this good at all? Seems like Jesus was probably having a pretty Bad Friday.

"Today is a good day because it is in commemoration of Jesus giving himself up for all of our sins, a sacrifice for the reconciliation of humanity. His act of 'goodness' allows us to come together and reconcile with God in unity as believers," says Deacon Gary Brinkworth of Good Shepherd Parish in Tallahassee, Florida.

Though the day is focused on the suffering of Jesus that we basically caused him, Deacon Brinkworth says that "it is a time that we can all take part in the suffering of Christ. We can all be remorseful yet optimistic as one, we know that the crucifixion of Christ leads to hope and a new life, a resurrection."

So basically, the day is to remind those of faith of the sacrifices of Jesus Christ so that they can appreciate the covenant made with God, basically saying that he'll give us a second chance because his Son found us worthy enough to die for. So what he did was "Good" in the sense that we won't all burn in Hell.

Good Friday also has a couple of different names, two more appropriate and one of the same. Holy Friday and Black Friday, which seem much more appropriate, and ....... Great? Friday are all other names for the day.

It seems like Good Friday would mark the turn of the B.C.E. to C.E., but it doesn't. According to a few different groups using a Crucifixion darkness and eclipse model which is consistent with Apostle Peter's "Moon Of Blood," the crucifixion happened on April 3rd, 33 C.E.

So, all in all.. Good  Friday is "good" for people of faith because it brings unity to them in remembrance of the suffering of Christ and gives them happiness from being reminded of the covenant with God that resulted from his sacrifice.

Good Friday takes place on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday... so that's today!
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